Need a 55-60mm aspheric to help show off brand new LED with 1x1 die for throw!

Hey guys, this isnt the official announcement of this new emitter SO PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND! DO NOT TYPE THE MANUFACTURER IN THIS THREAD to help hide it from search engine hits. It's fine that you know about it now, I say it in the video afterall, just please dont post info on here (or other forums)...

Also, I ask [from me personally] that you do not contact the company to ask anything about this emitter, including for samples of your own. I've been working with them a long time on this, it's not like I'm a random reviewer. Also the other companies working with them are very big name companies and honestly it's pretty random(and very cool) that I managed to get in on it. They're a smaller company and have only a few people that answer emails so if they start getting 20 emails about something they havent even announced I probably wont get to be invited to do stuff like this anymore. It's not that I want to be greedy or not share with you guys, but please hold off on any of that. I promise you, the moment these become available you will know about but for now, all this serves to do is be a thread where I am (as an individual) asking a question about a lens.

So anyway back to this thread- I'm looking for a good quality 55-60mm lens, I have the one shown in the video and it doesnt project a clear image. I also need to be able to get it somewhat soon and with the Chinese holiday coming up that's gonna be a factor but I dont want to have to buy a $60+ lens from edmunds optics if I dont have to. Are there any other options? It doesn't have to be perfect optical quality but needs to project a clear die image at a wall, this emitter has no dome, it's meant excel at throw so I'd really like to get a lens that's able to show all the small details (like the grid on a CREE that this lens cant show). Also if anyone has something that would work and wants to sell it that'd be great too.

link to YT video

I bought some lenses from this company. I hope they have what you need.

I have a 59mm glass lens. The bubble section is about 46mm in diameter. Thickness of the lip is a little shy of 3.5mm. I think has about a 25mm focal length. I'll check quality of the projection tonight.

EDIT: Projection image does not seem clear enough for your purposes.

I only have 65-75mm sorry

No input on the lens… But I’m excited about this emitter!

Would the 50mm lens used in the HD2010 conversion from 2013 work? DX has it in the US warehouse for $4.92 but they have a $15 min. for free shipping.

$4.26 from China, but probably 2-3 months before you'd see it.

Does this emitter fit a Noctigon?

I have the Jax-Z1 too and I noticed that if use a slightly higher spacer where the lens seats so that the distance between the LED die and lens is slightly increased I get a better die projection image where I can see the features of the LED.

I had a couple of those HD2010 lenses and I’d suspect they’re not going to be much better than the one shown in the video. One of mine had a small inclusion and the other had a pretty big surface flaw, projected a decent XML die image but nothing particularly sharp about it.

Those cheap lenses are probably all some kind of molded glass and not going to project a particularly good image. Smaller dies and shorter focal lengths are only going to exacerbate the focus and aberration issues.

A 1x1 die sounds about the same size as a Cree XQE? Maybe a die like that in a bigger packaged with a dedicated thermal pad could be quite interesting.
Sounds cool anyway.

i cant wait to see this. have you tried the factory Z1 lens with the XP-L? just wondering. that would seem like a good bet. or a Crelant with a collimator head. i just bought one off a member here id like to put a XP-G2 in.

I’d simply mod a JAX Z1, or the lens is available separately here:

If you need any machining done to make your project come together, let me know.

i have this and it is very clear glass

Yes the factory lens works perfect with the XP-L V6 2A that’s installed in the Z1, I was using that light, with its lens removed, to try and measure the BFL of that 55mm lens I held up to it.

Oh and yes, this Z1 will definitely be getting one of these LED’s first, but I’ve had this SL-3 project going on now for atleast 6 months and want to get it finished up with something awesome and this seemed good for that, Ive always wanted a fixed focus light at full zoom and IMO the SL-3 is a beautiful host body to use and the 26650 / side switch form factor is about perfect.

Someone asked about a Noctigon, I can’t say for sure (I’ve not been given any final spec’s) but it was supposed to be in the same family as another emitter that doesn’t have an aftermarket option but some of this companies other LED’s do have sinkPAD’s out now so whos to say right now. I’ll know soon enough.

It’s likely they won’t release any official data at all till after I have them at the earliest, to avoide making revisions. I was sent a priliminary datasheet and literally all it contains is the tint binning chart and the most basic ratings (BTW it’s rated up to 3A), no pad layout / dimensions at all. From what I understand they will come to me mounted on DTP Cu MCPCB’s (avaliable bare too).

I don't think my lens if what your looking for. It presents a fairly clear image of the die, but not crystal clear and it has a kind of hazy corona around the image.. It almost focuses in a JM30. I needed an o-ring to get it in focus, but then the bezel didn't screw down all the way.

That looks pretty good, have you ever tried to project light threw it?

I’ve never seen them rated like that, is 5 degrees a tight beam? Anyone know what a Z1’s focused beam angle is? Or a TF26650 or a SK98 just so I have some idea?

Plus that would definitely depend on the LED, so is that assuming a theoretical point source or a specific LED?

wonder how a crelant with the collimator head would work out for you...

I thought flashlights use aspheric lenses, the one on fasttech is plano-convex but not aspheric. How is the die projection?

Plano-convex is the real name for what we call aspheric.

I owned one for a bit but sold it, IIRC it was a very high quality lens and projected a near perfect image, now I wish I had it still, what was it about 70m or so?

I wonder how well a UF-1407 would do. I gave mine away to my buddy for xmas (actually gave it to the guy doing the machining for the SL-3)

Went ahead and ordered this edmunds lens, I was to cheap to spring for the add-on coating.

I’m hoping for 300kCd from the SL3 once finished.

Why is it so important to be able to see details of the emitter in the projected image?