Need a better ethernet cable?

Then this puppy’s for you:

I just ordered a dozen… and used your credit card. J)

Now, if I can only find where I put those $30,000 power cords…

Bought. I'll be setting up a group buy for 25% off if anyone's interested.

If you can’t understand the difference between analog and digital than many people will be happy to take your money.

I guess if you were a billionaire, those would be budget cables

If you’re ignorant enough to buy this, you deserve to lose your money. But you also probably don’t even care.

Also, I wish I were dishonest enough to create garbage like this.

Some of those MP3 thingies use high frequency bits for the audio, and without a $10,000 cable, those bits can become discombobulated and gum up your flux capacitor, and that’s no es bueno.

I’m actually going to use a section of Cat5 cable to do an audio mod to my 2003 Suburban. It has a fully integrated front and rear sound system so I don’t want to trash the whole system just to get a 3.5 mm audio jack so I can plug in my tablet. But the entire mod should come in under $4. And I’ll get to tell my friends that I did a run of Ethernet cable for my truck.

You should get CAT6 if it isn’t very much more expensive. More shielding is always good for analog audio cables.

I was at a computer show years ago (flea market type). Remember those?
One of the vendors was selling premium blank CD’s for “better sounding copies of CD’s
Apparently they were able to record better quality 1’s and 0’s :stuck_out_tongue:

A true audiophile would never listen to an mp3, so from that point, anyone buying that cable maybe deserves what they get. Over a certain price cables and wires start to become a sort of “jewelry”

Here’s a tip to the audiophiles. If you want to experiance all your system can reproduce, clean your ears before each listening session. :bigsmile:

They really are pretty though arent they. If they were £10 for a cable I might buy some for the looks alone - i dont care whats inside.

That insulation is hand-woven from pristine organic free-range unicorn pubes lovingly harvested by the divinely inebriated octogenarian virgin monks of Buckfast Abbey, you say? I’ll take ten!

Go with Cat 6 or Cat 5 Plenum. Cat 6 is pretty new. The Plenum has a thicker casing. It is supposed to be more durable and able to handle the basic elements better.

Plenum-rated cable is categorized as such because it is less likely to burn, and if it does burn/thermally decompose, the smoke is less toxic than that from typical PVC jacketed cable. This is important because its intended application is taking advantage of existing ventilation duct-work, which shouldn’t spew toxic fumes through the building just because some network “monkey” accidentally caused a ground-loop in a cable bundle running through it. Some plenum-rated cable may be more durable, but I would’t assume that to be the case of all plenum-rated cable.

Even $50 cables are scam. Not even talking about all hifi equipment because almost everything is scams hiding behind placebo effects.

True. I should have clarified that a little better in my description. Thanks for the accurate correction. :beer:

An audiophool and their money are soon parted…

This sounds a lot like us. “Just give me one more lumen my eye can’t see”. :wink:

The SDXC equivalent to my post #8 :bigsmile: