Need a cheap emergency light and batteries.

I have friends in Davao in the Philippines, their houses were badly damaged in the recent typhoons and they haven’t had power since the start of the month. They have been told they will get the power back “next week” for the last 3 weeks.

I don’t know if it would get there in time before they get power back on but I would like to buy them a flashlight and some primary batteries. Preferably from the same place so they get them at the same time.

I was leaning towards a RC-G2 from DX but with the praise for fast shipping form FastTech I might possibly order from there or any other place with in reason.

Maybe about $20 max for the light and batteries. I don’t know if they can get batteries themselves, they only make about $7 USD a day and I don’t know how much they would cost there.

Anyone have some ideas of something that not too crappy?

Sounds like you have a winner on the light, as for batteries, thats not quite my forte in this case

Yeah I like the light too but the shipping from DX might be the deal breaker on it so I am considering other lights or other sources for it that would have faster shipping.

If time is important, I’d go with Fasttech as they seem to be shipping a lot faster than DX. I was browsing thru Fasttech’s flashlight selection and this one caught my eye:

I have no idea how it would perform, but the simple twisty UI, 3 modes and XP-G R5 are advantages. Having a low mode would help to conserve batteries, and XPG R5 tints seem to have less variation in my experience thus far (creamy white in almost all cases I have seen, except in the S2, warm or NW variants). I have personally yet to encounter puke green or ghastly blue/purple XPG R5 emitters, but YMMV. It also takes AA batteries (a big plus as they are cheap and easy to find) and can tailstand to bounce the light off ceilings.

From the experience of others who have encountered prolonged power outages, headlamps also seem to be very handy. Perhaps something like this:

Takes 3xAAA and has 3 modes.

For batteries, Fasttech also has AA and AAA primary lithium batteries for sale. Again, I have no idea how they will perform, but they seem cheap enough:

Assuming these batteries work as per their advertised ratings (fingers crossed!), they should give lots of runtime and not have the usual alkaleak problems.

Lastly, I believe Fasttech has a new 10% discount code, so all these items purchased together would be in the region of $25 thereabouts. Hope this helps.

I actually bought a couple of these for stocking stuffers. They work fine for the price. Really can’t beat them. Of course they are not Keygos, but work ok.

15.47 US

They dont have power, they cant charge batteries.

Ok, if you have PayPal, I will PayPal you 15 US to help pay for this torch, deal?

Thats a very generous offer, do you think it will be worth the price using AA batteries?

I’m sure they would appreciate it a lot though.

I'm not sure that is the best light... The parasitic draw would drain the batteries even if the light wasn't used.

Your decision, ready to Transfer Funds, I need your email or as registered with PayPal…Let’s do it now…15 coming your way…

Hm I think scaru is right, maybe not the best light for the situation.

I was also looking at a review its about 80-200 lumens on AAs
While they have a 240 lumen 2xAA for $10 at the same place
Not sure how good it is though.

I think durability and simplicity would be best.

Dose anyone have experience with the C3 linked above?

Hey, I am just offering to help with 15 dollars, you know the situation better than I, so if you want to help them, and want me to help you, please let me know how to address the funds?

+1, I’ll pitch in some money.

Thanks to both of you for being so generous, I’ll still put $20 myself as well.

But I am still unsure what to buy for them, I’m not 100% against the Rook but I don’t think its good value for using AA’s only. 14500s might be a different story but they won’t be able to use them.

Not being rude, but I have got to get some sleep, before I nod off. It would be quite helpful to all concerned if you did post a means by which we (thanks scaru,) could get funds either to you, or whomever appropriate…please…

A Balder SE-1 would be a good light, I just am not sure of any place that sells it and also stocks AA batteries.

Flomotion, it's 2 in the morning where I am. :P I'll probably just send it in the morning or something of that sort.

Sending a PM

Don’t overlook the Gerber infinity task light at $15.00*~~pla~~*~~product~~\_–6953790018&mr:referralID=df1deba1-4f37-11e2-b779-001b2166c62d

It produces 32 hours of consistent light on a AA (and I think up to 60 at some level), yet it uses AA and AAA 100% interchangeably, without adapters or doing anything, you just stick in which ever battery you grab first and it fits perfectly.

The light is a perfect brightness for doing things inside the house and using as a lantern when stuck inside of a water bottle neck, and it is absolutely bullet proof and unbreakable and has a lifetime guarantee.

I recently sent back an old one I had, and got the new one (free), at first it’s lack of bells and whistles and brightness made me ask why bother, but I kept being drawn to it, and now see it as a great part of my survival kit.

They call it a “task” light, and I see why now, it is a great beam and brightness level for working on things, it is a light level meant for blackouts, and long term darkness, it is comfortable.

This may be the light that they could use for old, used batteries, when using it as a lantern.

I bought them 2 of these C3’s 1 mode with extension tubes

and 5 packets (10 ea) of these batteries

I also had a $5 DX gift card and I thought I would buy a RC-G2 and only pay $6.99 for it but I kept getting errors (pic) something along the lines of they dont ship to Philippines?.

I thought I would send more than 1 cos there is 7 people staying there, the daughters house is too damaged to stay so they all went there as well. At the moment they are using candles.

They contacted the power company and they said that if they pay them they will come and fix the power lines, but a few streets away they already have power. I was told the power company or at least the employees are trying to benefit from it and only fixing areas if they are paid (bribed) to do so. The latest news is they “might” have power back some time in January unless they pay for the whole street to get fixed.