Need a laptop battery


My dads Dell D610 notebook battery is just about gone (can only hold 1hr max). Anyone know where I can get a decent and preferebly cheap but reliable battery? It’s li-poly I believe. Manafont sells one, anyone know if thats any good? Thanks!

Check ebay

What kind you want?And the price?Maybe I can give you some suggestions?


Cheers for the responses. Yeah there are lots on ebay but they can be hit and miss (fakes, crappy, dangerous, etc). Battery I need is this one:

Only mentioned Mana because they seem to sell legit batteries, generally.


You can yank yours apart and just replace the cells with whatever you want. I believe you need 6 x 18650 cells. I have a D600 that has sanyo cells in it and 40 mins of battery life, and i considered getting Sanyo replacements from intl outdoor, till i realized i don’t use it much anymore.

You could get some of these and have a lot more then stock battery life

The stock ones are 2400mah if yours are identical to mine, and i use Battery Bar software to see the capacity loss, as i understand it the laptop measures and stores it every time you run the batteries near zero, but only addon software can display it.
You would need to be good with a soldering iron to replace cells btw.

I’d just get an eBay battery to be honest. It costs about the same, and less risks of the battery blowing up in your face while soldering.

(Chinese batteries will still blow up when you are charging them though!)

Aren’t most made in China?

Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony = Japan.
Samsung, LG = Korea.

any decisions alex21?

Thanks guys!

He’s looking at getting a new laptop probably… maybe even a Macbook! :slight_smile:
Not hugely urgent right now as he seldom takes it out and uses it as a desktop pretty much.