need a little help

Today I tried something for the first time. I added chips to a Qlite driver. Things seemed to go well till I assembled the C8. First I think I fried the switch. I replaced the old switch and now the light works but it seems to only have high mode. I think it might have sonething to do with adding the chips but I’m not really sure where to start. Any suggestions?

Shorting the LED- to ground will make it bypass the driver, direct drive and no modes. Check there isn't too big a solder blob on the driver where the negative wire connects, it can touch the inside of the pill there. Also make sure the reflector isn't shorting the wires on the MCPCB.

I think I’ve got it, the modes are back. I’m not even sure what it was exactly. I took the whole thing apart and after fixing what I broke in the process it worked. All I can say is C8 dedomed xml2 on copper 4.5 A gives you one very nice light. :bigsmile:

Best situation, when you don’t know where the problem is but you end up fixing it :stuck_out_tongue:

nooo! I hate that situation! I don’t know what the problem’s cause was, and therefore I’m constantly worried it’ll happen again!

I wish I did know for sure what the problem was so I could avoid it next time. I did move the led- when I put the light back together so I’m guessing that was the problem.