Need a New Convoy S2+, or Similar. Which to Get that has Good Throw?

Hey all.

I need some advice.

I have 1 S2+ and it works great. I’d like to pick up another 1 or 2 to give to a family member so he’ll stop borrowing mine. The problem is that I don’t know which one to get. I’m not a modder and all the different tints and specs are beyond my flashlight IQ.

I’d like to get 1 for myself that has more oomph than the S2+ I have had for 4-5 years. The other one would be good with a bit more usable run time cause it’s mainly going to be used in the house or in a car. That’s the one I’ll give a family member.

If there are other flashlights that would match up well with a modded S2+ and take the 18650 cells, I’d be open to trying something new. I had been thinking of trying one of the AA mini Mag lights, but I’d welcome others under $25.

I kinda like the straight walls of the S2+ lights. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time and help.


The Convoy S2 throws further than the S2+.

I believe the S2 is the throwiest inexpensive tube light.

I'm not sure which available emitter throws the furthest, but that's the one you want.

Have you thought about a BLF A6 in a nice neutral tint? I think it will perform a little better and is the same price point.

If you want to step up, consider the Zebralight s64w hi.

My Sofirn SP31 is pretty throwy for a XP-L2 light. Very bright too. Good spill as well. Great light for people who didn’t want to get into modding.
But it will never defeat my throwy n tight S2 with XP-L HI and smooth reflector driven with BLF A6 driver.

I once fit a SST20 or XP-G2 in my S2. Sure they throw better, but when you have blasting lumens from XP-L Hi, I know which one I’d choose.

I’m not sure about this but you can ask simon to customize a S2 with XP-L Hi, smooth reflector and maybe ask him to install the SST-40 driver with biscotti firmware for max turbo.
I don’t know your preferred tint so I’d always go safe with 1A since it is the pure white that one can offer. Others are yellow or cream

If you don't want or can't afford modding the flashlight, like raccoon city says an S2 should throw further than an S2+ due to its deeper reflector. Concerning what emitter to choose, go with an SST-20. If you want maximum throw, you could also choose the latest Convoy “SST-40” ∅17mm “5000mA” linear driver with temperature protection. That driver pumps a tiny bit less than 5 A in practice, costs about the same as a standard AMC7135 driver, and the temp throttling thing can be disabled by desoldering the NTC in the board.

Here's a link to the Convoy S2 grey for sale in Simon's AliEspress store:

You can ask Simon to make the above explained changes to your purchase (and even request a discount telling him your BLF username) by purchasing the item and putting off the payment for later choosing “other payment methods” when submitting the cart, and then messaging Simon. There was a problem with this in the AliExpress website a few months ago, no idea if it is fixed but if not you can order with the AliExpress application: add the item to the cart first (don't buy it now!) then proceed and you will see a “other payment methods” option. You'll pay once Simon adjusts your order price later.

The Convoy S2 is also available in black color as a host, so you could also ask Simon to make your ;-) S2 black.

Particularly I would order an S2 with SST-20 (4000K or 2700K) CRI95 emitter, SST-40 5000mA driver and SMO reflector options. Other possible options are the host color, or if you want maximum possible throw sacrificing light quality go with a 5000K or 6500K (CRI70) SST-20 emitter.

Hope this is of help. :-)

Based on power911's post, I would go with an XP-L HI to have a good amount of throw, and plenty of lumens.

A smooth reflector is a great choice as well.


An SST-40 is also very nice as it pumps out more lumens.

I have an S2+ with an SST-40 and a SMO reflector and it throws PLENTY. If I needed more than that I'd just jump up to a C8 size. The XPL-HI 5000k is my absolute favorite tint though.

I you want throw you don’t want a cigar 18650 light.

An S2 host can also be had from Mountain Electronics in the US @ $9.15 in both gray and black.

The parts to build a single LED or a triple LED can be sourced there also.

If it was me I'd get an S2+ w/SMO reflector and maybe an 18350 tube.There are some really nice S2+ colors available.

For more throw a C8 style light Convoy or Sofirn make good ones, Sofirn is available from amazon where Convoy lights are Banggood, Aliexpress etc. If you want a bigger S2+ you could go with a Sofirn SP model, Sofirn has been running good amazon deals with codes, look for the links and codes in the forums. Possibly a Convoy S21A, and the S 11 are the next larger lights in there line up. Look them up, they have alot more lumens than a S2+, but I’m not sure if the throw is necessarily more with the Led’s and reflector setup. Generally speaking the Convoy lights are cheaper, but not lacking in quality at all.

If you can get a S21A with an SST40, 5000k, that'd be great for more capacity and good flood & throw. Mountain Electronics has most of that, except for the SST40 in 5000K. He does have a LH351D in 5000K, which will be a great!

The Yootoo SD1, SST20 is nice, has an SMO, and throws more than an S2+ with an XP-L HI,

Here are my 2 cents for this, and experience with a Convoy S2, SMO reflector, led4power driver, and Osram LED:
Mod: What did you mod today? - #7518 by MascaratumB

Beamshots (compared to a Convoy S2+ with XP-L HI): OSRAM CSLNM1.TG & CULNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG & CULPM1.TG 2mm² - #721 by MascaratumB

Not “the best” thrower, but it surely throws! :+1:

You need to give us an idea of what “throw” means to you. Walking my dog, an XPL BLF A6, SST-20 Convoy S2+, XPG Convoy S3, Sofirn SP32A V2.0, or XPL Lumintop FW3A will light things to 50-60 feet. It’s enough light to say “Is that a cat or a shadow?”. All except the FW3A have ~20mm reflectors and are basically 3/4” tubes; the FW3A is 3 LED and has a TIR optic.

Any of these lights will allow you to see details at 30 feet, even on Med or maybe High. If you want to optimize for throw in that class, the Convoy S2 with SST-20 is probably the best common option. Mine has enough spill to be useful up close, and enough throw to be an “outside” light (30+ feet). A Sofirn SC31B is similar, but has built-in charging, and is under $20 on

My C8 clone (SST-40 Yootoo SD3) will do the same to 100+ feet. I’d expect a Convoy, Sofirn, or Astrolux with SST-40 or XPL Hi to be similar.

Some of the other lights recommended use 21700 cells, but can use your 18650 batteries with an adapter or o-ring.