Need a new magnifying lamp

The one I had was not powerful enough (3d or 1.75x) and the flex arm was too short making it prone to tipping over when fully flexed to get close to the work. I’d like to get something like This 5x lamp but thought I might check your experiences first. I know that cheap lamps often sag or have plastic elbow parts that break. A good deal would be nice but cheap stuff that breaks is not a good deal IMHO. Thanks for your help.

I have one like this, in black:
Switch is on the head, not the cord, and it has 56 cool white LEDs.
Got it cheap on ebay. Very happy with it, magnification is 3 dioptre, but I use a loupe for small stuff as well.
It comes as a 5 dioptre (2.25x) version too.
Very sturdy, bolted on the back of the desk so it reaches the work area, never sags.
I also have one of the old “pixar” type with springs. That does sag.

Model 6025-1-8 LED—8303477.html


Not junk at all… I used to work for them (Blick), and know those lights well.

This particular light is made by a company called “Affordable Products”.

Most of their lamps are good quality. Beware, there are a lot of similar style lights that are junk and won’t last.

You can replace the ballast and/or the starter if ever necessary, which may be a bit old fashioned, but the alternative is a sealed unit which can’t be repaired; meaning you have to toss it in the trash and drop $100 for a replacement.

I have two of their lights; a magnifier, and a combination lamp (incandescent/fluorescent).
I’ve been using them for… 20-30 years???
They both still work perfectly to this day.

I bought the add-on high power lens for it… cost more than what I paid for the light.

Thanks Texaspyro, I’d forgotten that thread. I guess the priority is magnification since upgrades to illumination are almost a requirement here. I’d like 5d or better.