Need advice. Driver modification or something else?

I need a 17mm driver for SST70 led. 2S power supply (2x21700). The only one I found was the one from KD (3-mode version)
However, I would like to have a little more current than 2.2A. Something about 5A. Is there an option that replacing the sense resistor is enough? If so, what value? Do you know any other drivers similar to this one?

17mm with 21700 ? Some flashlight/host makers really aren’t making it easy.
Regarding increasing the output current, lowering the sense resistor does increase the target current but this driver doesn’t look beefy enough for 5A.

I just noticed this is a buck driver and it won’t work with the sst70 :person_facepalming:

Is the sst70 6v? A FET-only 17mm will give you what you want. Try Mtnelectronics to see if he has one with 2S capability (would need LDO or zener)

Is it e-switch or clicky?

Those are 6v or 12v depending on the mcpcb, but most are 6v. You need to be careful with a FET driver and sst70. It pulls a lot of current and will quickly overheat a small host. Mtn electronics sells 2S fet drivers that will work with eswitches or clicky. They work well with a buck driver also.

I have the parts to assemble the FET driver. I just wanted something with a current limitation, but I guess I’ll have to do it in the software.
Its a big twisty light.
I am still wondering if sst40 will not be better, because it does not do a donut hole. Then I will actually need the buck driver, but this one has to dissipate the heat somehow. Ah, these mods problems…