Need advice please.

I am considering buying one of the “soda can” style flashlights. Something like the Thrunite TN36 or the Noctigon M43 Meteor. Problem is I have no experience with these types of lights. All my current lights are tactical style single 18650 flashlights. I want a multiple LED flashlight that operates on 4 18650 cells. But I want one that is all flood with crazy high lumens. I am not at all interested in throw for this light. The primary use will be camping and maybe hiking. I want a light that can easily light up our entire camp site. Any and all recommendations are appreciated. Thanks all.

Supfire M6 or Meteor. Either is awesome, especially modded M6’s by Richard at Mountain Electronics. Pick based on your budget, and shock everyone who sees it.

I own a Noctigon M43, Thrunite TN36, a Fenix LD60, and an Olight SR Mini Intimidator. My favorite out of all of them is the M43. The only two that are comparable are the M43 and TN36 but M43 has a much better UI and better beam pattern. The build quality of the M43 is a lot better too.


Don’t waste anytime or money looking at anything else. Modded M6 if your on a budget. M43 if you can “justify” it. A stock M6 is nothing to get excited about, but with a little modding (MTN kit plus 20mm Noctigons), watch out. I personally have 2 M6’s, and am waiting on an M43 version stuffed with XP-L HI’s in 4000-5000K.

Thanks for the tip. This M6 looks promising and much more budget friendly even with the mods. My only question is how floody is this light? I dont want a tight beam, I want a wide area light.

The M6 would have MORE throw than the M43. Basically, the bigger/deeper the reflector, the more thow. (Reflectors also throw better than optics.) If you check the numbers for the M43, the nichia LEDs have the lowest throw AND the best colour. REVIEW of the Meteor

The M6 can be made more floody by using a diffuser film over the window. (I’m however not sure about weather or not it can handle the heat if you choose the highest modded version.) Honestly, IF i had the money and wanted a bright ass flooder that has a huge bling factor, I’d go with the Meteor. Otherwise, a modified M6 would be more than sufficient (in my opinion.) (Additionally, you can ask Richard or the forum if anyone would be willing to do a tripple XHP50, M6 mod for you.)

M6 best deal
M43 only one choice in TIR lens
MM15 dam good flood light with Dam nice tint
TN36UT only in CW
MX25L3C Nichia
Or even the
JM30 MT-G2

The choice is yours.