Need c8 Deep Relector ASAP!!

I need a few c8 DEEP reflector flashlights ASAP! I used to always order them through lightmalls, but they don’t sell them anymore. I have exhausted all my resources. Was paying $15 a piece for them and need to keep it around that. Any help would be appreciated.

Kaidomain is probably the only other one that might have them, but I am not sure they do.

Good luck on that… I’ve wanted to buy a spare for one of my lights, and I’ve had trouble finding them. I wouldn’t have paid $15/each on them though, since the light it’s for only cost me $13…

Maybe you can find an entire deep reflector C8 light cheaply on eBay and buy a few just to salvage the reflector?

Kaidomain doesn’t have any deep, but thanks for the suggestion. I found some on banggood,but they are a little more money, and really didn’t want all the Chinese writing on them. Found a seller on eBay, but they only had 2. Wanted to get about 4.

The Warsun CT9T, available at BG US warehouse is effectively a deep C8 reflector light at $20, $18.35 after BLF code. It's a different form factor - side switch, little bigger all around, etc., so not sure it suites your needs.

I don't have one right now, but have a couple of X60's (26650 size) - same, but different .

Weird - the deep C8's were quite popular for a while. Hhmm, the SupFire C8 size lights also had a deep reflector. Not sure bout the SupFire L6 Richard sells, if it's a deep reflector or not - I got one @home, but it's a 26650 light.

Edit: Ohh, my BLF review of the L6 here:, states it is a deep C8 reflector .

Appreciate the help, but that light probably won’t serve my needs. I had a technique down on how I was building them, and I really don’t want to change that right now.

Can't tell if it really is deep though.

It may be, but the shipping is outrageous! The one on Alibaba, the description is right on the length at 156mm, but then the picture below says 147mm. I have never ordered anything through them before.

Just checked the reflector on my Supfire T10, and it has the same width as C8 but deeper. 36mm. Like this one on KD.

Where you buy your t10’s from?

Emailed someone from lightmalls today. They said they stopped production on them. :open_mouth:

Bought it from myled half a year ago. Liked the look of it and needed to buy it…It is still on my “to mod” list…

Yea, they sold out now. Is the t10 the same thing as the c8?

I would say no. Supfire also have a C8 which is more comparable. I have the R5(XP-G2) model wich is little shorter than Supfire C8 T6. Those lights need much work to perform good. For example, the beam on T10 is very ringy.

So many different C8 lights out there……I of course prefer my Convoy C8.

By the way, I saw Supfire T10 on Aliexpress. But I do not think it is worth the money…

Yea, the only websites that have them in stock want $25+ for them. Thats ridiculous. I am willing to try one out, but im not paying more than $20 for it.