need comparison advice 4Sevens Maelstrom X10 vs hd2010 vs Keygos M10

I’m looking into putting an order in for the 4Sevens Quark “X” AA² CREE XM-L LED Flashlight currently being mentioned in several threads for being on sale.

While I was shopping for the Quark x, i noticed the 47’s Maelstrom X10 also on sale.

It seems that the 4Sevens is a high quality brand, moreso than the traditional $20-30 budget lights. I do not own any actual high quality lights, right now I have the hd2010 and keygos m10 both on order.

Is the 4Sevens reputation and build quality make the Maelstrom X10 a really worth while purchase, i don’t see much talked about on here. With spending money already on the hd2010 and m10, i can’t justify buying the X10 just to see what it is going to be like when it arrives.

I figure that since I’m already buying the Quark X, i’d buy the Maelstrom X10 if it was really worth while. But i’d like to know what most of you think of the Maelstrom X10 so i know if I should spend the money or pass on it.

I am a proud and satisfied owner of a 4Sevens Maelstrom X10 for eight days now. I don’t have an HD2010 or a Keygos M10 but my X10 has served me very well. :wink: