Need glass lenses for TR-801 and mr.lite J4/BLF special

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a place to get good lenses for these lights. I ordered the op reflectors for them so I could eliminate the TIR optic in my J4 and BLF special, but DOH! Forgot I'll need lenses to replace them :(

I'd prefer KD or DX but let me know what you can find. Thanks!

Guess my xm-l swaps in them will have to wait. Or i'll see how the XM-L plays with the TIR optic for now .

Are you cereal? You really want to wait 2 months for Dx?

normally it takes about 3-4 weeks but the last few shipments from both kd, dx and solarforce have taken just over 2 weeks which is pretty decent. Either way, thanks for the suggestion, i'll take a look!

Man... I've had an order packing for more than 3 weeks now..