Need help buying HD2010

Hey guys,

I’m currently looking to buy an HD2010. I’ve found a few places to buy them from, but am not sure which one would be the best (if you’ve had prior experience from any of these, please chime in).



(lol at their URL not including a “t” at the end of flashlight, but that’s out of the scope of this discussion)

And lastly,


The ebay one is the most expensive ($39), but the seller also says it’s XM-L2. I also like the black color, but I don’t mind the Tmart version if that’s the best out of all of these.


Buy this one and be done with it (it’s the only one that didn’t break on me)…

See my mini-review posted there. There is also a five-mode version of the same torch on that site.

Ha! That is exactly the ebay posting! It’s cheaper from there, however.

TMart has it in their USA warehouse so you will get it 2 to 4 weeks faster from them.

So it looks like it’s down to Tmart vs Willbuying.
Brown vs Black, XML-T6 vs XM-L2, US Shipping vs China Shipping. Hmm…tough choice.