Need help choosing new lights !

Hello everyone!
I would like to purchase my first convoy and although I have been going through the different models I felt that this should/could be a community decision because apparently that’s what we do! Lol
I know I want either single cell 18650 or 16340(due to already having several cells of both), it could be neutral but not too crazy on th high CRI please(so a true neutral or as close to would be great),tail cap forward clicky ,4 modes( including strobe) and it would be fantastic is the strobe could be memorised to come straight on from off! I am of course open to change on the advice of any experienced flashoholic.

The C8 and L4 both comes in user selectable tints at banggood and fasttech :slight_smile: strobe is double click but the L4 has an eswitch that u have to double click to get to strobe.

So the l4- u need to enable it first and then it works like the rest u mentioned with double click strobe?
Thanks btw

Yup! The forward clicky at the back is only for on/off. To change modes you’ll need to press the eswitch. Double press for strobe :slight_smile:

I’ll have to leave that one off the list cause it’s too many steps from off from what I gather. What do u think of the s2+?

You can choose any Convoy S or the C8.
With the 2-Group driver, you can choose between 3 and 3 Modes - 5 Modes with Strobe and SOS.
Both groups with memory, so if you switch your light on, it is possible to get directly into strobe-mode, if that was the last mode before you switched the light off.

I bought an s2+ for a friend. It’s really not for tactical use if you want strobe. But for the 2.8 A version it’s quite bright. You do have to cycle thru the modes to get to strobe

Is 2.8A s2+ the model ?
Any chance u could post me a link? Thanks to everyone’s valuable info I think this should fit my needs quite well!

I have a 2.8A S2. I’d suggest a 2.1A S2+ version if you like that design. For the 2.8A model S2 when running on high @2.8A the torch heats up reasonably quickly, so you wont be able to use that mode form more than 2-3 minutes. IMO the 2.1A version has a more useable high mode. 2.1A version 2.8A version

Both aren’t aff links btw lol

I purchased this-Product name: ‘Convoy S2+ 7135*3 LED Flashlight’
this afternoon before I read your posts
With ‘XML2 T6-4C:4300~4500k,cool temperature’
I don’t know why they say it’s cool temperatures,isn’t around 4500-5000k generally considered neutral? (neutral is my absolute preference)
This was from Banggood ( God really BANG-GOOD!sounds like a name for a strip club in Thailand! Lol ) . I also bought a AAA LUMINTOP and AAA Manker nichia