Need help deciding....

Ive got a Skilhunt H03 and love it, but find myself wanting a headlight with more power every now and then. Im stuck with a choice between the Armytek Wizard Pro V3, or the Olight H2R Nova. They both seem awesome, and are about the same price. So from those here that own either of them can you throw some opinions my way. Thanks in advance for all reply’s.

Buy both. Test and sell not needed one.

For what it’s worth, I really like my Nitecore HC30. 160M throw. Nice and light. Had it for 2 years and no issues.

Just to note, both of those lights have thermal regulation and will drop down to around 600 lumens within a few minutes under normal conditions due to the massive heat they create. It’s a good thing that they drop because you don’t want them to destroy themselves from overheating let alone burn yourself. But I thought you should at least be aware of that since after they drop in output, they won’t be much brighter than the H03 that you are hoping they’d be. If you want a light that can maintain 1000+ lumens, you need to find one with much more mass to handle the heat.

On a side question, why do you think you need more lumens?

Thank you, and yes i do know they get very hot, kinda like the Emisar D4’s. However my eyesight isnt so great anymore and there are times when i do need just a bit more light, and i tend to use headlights way more now than hand held lights. Hope that helps with the explanation. Im at a point when i could even use 2 lights at once sometimes.

Really happy with my H03 and figure to just have another light available for more output if needed. I do sort of miss the red led option I had on my old headlamp though. Maybe should’ve given that more thought before the impulse buy…

I really like how compact and light weight the H03 is, and the floody TIR is perfect for me. Honestly wish Skilhunt would just take the H03 and scale it up and fit it with an XHP-50 led, because i love the ui on it.

I like the H03 but its very floody, if it is misty out you get a lot of the beam reflecting up close near your face which is not pleasant, I would assume the H2r with similar optic would perform like this too. Don’t mean to hijack thread but can someone also reccomend a good thrower headlight? I also have a few 3xAAA energizer models which I like and have decent output, an older Petzl which is kinda dim in comparison and H1 nova but none are really throwers.

76yr old so in your eyes group.
I have a Jetbeam JET-1 MK Pro in pocket. Small and fits between teeth comfortably for extra close up lighting, or more distance.

Your existing one with the little Jetbeam would cover nicely while allowing you to keep the existing light.

Hey Blackbeard, so staying with the same form factor, your most throwiest right angle headlamp would be the Sportac PH10LC2 with the XP-L HI emitter. Throws 229 meters. Feel free to PM me any questions.

Sportac PH10LC2

Sales page

From this sales page, I’d also suggest getting the XP-L HI Neutral White tint version.

Love my H2R

Blackdragon1230… here’s another one in that price range to consider: Acebeam H15 (XHP70.2)
Also, for a lower price (and if NW is not a requirement) you could also consider the Nitecore HC33

I don’t own any of these lights yet but I was basically in the same shoes as you on this, so I’ll relate the findings of my somewhat extensive research for the decision.

I also had an H03 NW but it went kaput over a year ago and I replaced it with a Nitecore HC30 NW. The Nitecore is similar to an H03R in that it has a clear lens over the reflector, so better throw than the H03. I’ve also come to prefer the top mounted switch of the Nitecore much better than the side mounted switch of the Skilhunt.

Like you, at some point I decided to look into a newer higher output angle light, and had considered the Wizard Pro, H2R Nova and Acebeam H15.
Runtime on turbo wasn’t an issue for me, I’m happy to use short bursts for that.


  • 1st place:
    My favorite was the Olight, mainly because I really like the optional magnetic charging dock base. Even though I have 3 chargers, tons of cells and I never us the USB charge feature in several lights that have it, I know I’d use the Olight base because it’s just so dang convenient. Plus the top switch, NW option and great UI.
  • 2nd place:
    Second place was the Acebeam, and nearly a toss up between it and the Olight. I REALLY like the magnetic mode selector ring. There’s a NW option and it has a top mount switch, but no magnetic tail. And although it does have a clear lens, I believe it’s the most floody out of the three due to the XHP70.2 emitter.
  • 3rd place
    Although it does have a magnetic tail, the wizard pro was my least favorite, one reason was the side switch instead of top. There’s no NW option, however I’ve read the WW is slightly above 4000K and quite nice, but it reportedly has the lowest max output of the three.
  • Nitecore HC33:
    Since the above three are quite expensive, I’ve also been considering is the Nitecore HC33, It can be had for far less money than the others, however there isn’t a NW option. I have read the tint is pretty close to NW though. It does have a magnetic tail, which is important to me.

The Armytek, Olight and Acebeam are all a bit longer than what I’m used to with my Nitecore (110-112mm vs 98mm)
The HC33 (105.3mm) is a lot closer in size to what I’m used to. (for reference the H03 is 100mm)

There’s plenty of reviews on all of these but here’s some of the (non review) discussion threads I was reading:

I haven’t made a decision one one of these yet because I’ve come to the realization that before needing more brightness I need more angle flexibility, so I was waiting for the recently released Rofis R3. with multi-adjustable angle head. I need to get one of those next.

So you thought posting a thread for which light to buy will make your decision easier?

You are terribly mistaken ! :beer:

13,100cd / 229 meters is quite impressive throw in a angle light, I forgot about these Eagtac/Sportacs thanks for posting!

Possibly the next best throw in an angle light is the XHP35 Nitecore HC33

“Precision Digital Optics technology” with Peak beam intensity 8750cd, and throw distance up to 187 meters.
“Flood Lighting System” produces a wide 100 degree beam angle.

Kind of a contradiction in terms, I guess it has both a wide spill and good throw.
It does have a SMO reflector and clear lens, I’m thinking with an emitter swap to a (NW) XHP35 HI it could be quite the thrower.

Actually it’d be the Imalent HR20 with 225m of throw. Those XP-L HI emitters really help in that aspect. The HR20 is actually pretty cool because of the infinitely variable output where it has a rotating knob to control output between 1 and 1000 lumens.

Thanks, yes that would be the next best, and I agree the variable output (actually very small steps) is a cool feature. Now I vaguely remember coming across it before and reading that review, sounded great but there seemed to be some random quality control issues, same with their DM21 (non angled light) with that same rotary switch setup. Hopefully they’ve got any issues worked out in the current production.

Here’s some product links:

Looking at the Imalent HR20 thrower angle light mcfarlie6996 pointed out caused me to come across another (High output) option for the OP to consider:


  • XHP70.2
  • 3000lm max
  • 103mm length
  • Top mount switch
  • Magnetic tail cap
  • Magnetic USB charging adapter
  • Great UI (non rotary)
  • Great mode levels:
    Low - (30 lumen - 50h)
    Mid Low - (300 lumens - 4h 15min)
    Mid - (700 lumens - 1h 36min)
    High - (1500 lumens / 3min) -> (1000 lumens / 69min)
    Turbo - (3000 lumens / 1.5min) -> (1000 lumens / 66min)

Great features and a good competitor of the Acebeam and Olight, however I’m not sure there’s a NW option.

Review: [The Lite Review]: Imalent HR70 XHP70.2 Review

Product Links:

You are quite right, now i have 2 more to consider. I seriously need to win the lottery….lol.

Beam0 thank you so much for all the info. I think the Imalent might end up being the one i get. I find anymore i prefer to use headlights so i can be hands free. I’m glad they are finally pushing headlights along like they did some of the multi emitter lights.

i like the tint on the wizard pro (warm), but i don’t know for the olight

the magnet is good too

edit : i don’t know why the second pic is reversed… oh well :beer: