Need help deciding....

Looking at the Imalent HR20 thrower angle light mcfarlie6996 pointed out caused me to come across another (High output) option for the OP to consider:


  • XHP70.2
  • 3000lm max
  • 103mm length
  • Top mount switch
  • Magnetic tail cap
  • Magnetic USB charging adapter
  • Great UI (non rotary)
  • Great mode levels:
    Low - (30 lumen - 50h)
    Mid Low - (300 lumens - 4h 15min)
    Mid - (700 lumens - 1h 36min)
    High - (1500 lumens / 3min) -> (1000 lumens / 69min)
    Turbo - (3000 lumens / 1.5min) -> (1000 lumens / 66min)

Great features and a good competitor of the Acebeam and Olight, however I’m not sure there’s a NW option.


Product Links:

You are quite right, now i have 2 more to consider. I seriously need to win the lottery….lol.

Beam0 thank you so much for all the info. I think the Imalent might end up being the one i get. I find anymore i prefer to use headlights so i can be hands free. I’m glad they are finally pushing headlights along like they did some of the multi emitter lights.

i like the tint on the wizard pro (warm), but i don’t know for the olight

the magnet is good too

edit : i don’t know why the second pic is reversed… oh well :beer:

Wow there is quite a difference in those tints. The Wizard Pro also looks like it has a slight bit of a hot spot. In general i prefer a slightly warmer tint though.

maybe in this picture at 6” from the wall, but in everyday task not at all ^:)

In the second pic it appears the v2 CRI90 warm was moved to center? And v3 is now to the left << ?

You’re welcome, thanks for starting the thread, it made me rediscover all these options again.

I agree about the Imalent, it checks all my boxes too, except the most important one. As usual when I find a light that has all the best features there’s no neutral option, this continues to happen again and again. If I’m going to have to live with CW I may as well just get the Nitecore HC33 for half the price.

In the Imalent I really like how it has 1500lm & 700lm modes below the turbo, and also the Zebralight type UI with 1-click on/off, plus it’s a bit shorter than the others. If I’d ever see it on a really great deal I’d get it and try an emitter swap.

yes and yes :beer:

Perfect agreement with that cold white emitter. I will do a emitter swap and put a 5k neutral white in it. One of my biggest requirements for a right angle light is the magnetic base. There are lots of times when im working on something and find it convenient to stick my light to something. I think one of these days im going to sit down and design and sketch up my perfect headlight. I have a few ideas :).

@Blackdragon1230, perhaps you should do an emitter swap with the Nichia 319A. Very low forward voltage, meaning better efficiency and less heat.

Isn’t that a 3V emitter? He’s replacing an XHP70.2, so maybe he could use the 144AM 90+CRI (6V)?

You suggested the 144AM in a different thread about modding an S2+:

Ohhh, I didnt notice he wanted a 6V emitter in his Skillhunt H03.

How is he going to fit a boost driver in it though? Headlamps are even tighter compared to normal lights.

He was referring to buying the Imalent HR70 (see post#26 above)

If he was referencing to the HR70, then go for it!

The 144AM is absolutely beautiful with an OP reflector.

If I didn’t damage it by mistake, then I would have posted some beamshots already.

Although I’m planning a future XHP mod for my defective Skilhunt H03, when the 17mm boost drivers become available, hoping for it to fit :slight_smile:

How did you damage it?

Well, while I was doing some white wall beamshots, I bumped the light, made it fall off the table, and boom!, the light shut off.

The reflector was damaged in stock form. I requested one from Haikelite, and it is on the way.

I haven’t had the time to fix it, nor the equipment to fix the driver if it is broken.

I see, thought you meant you damaged the emitter itself.

No, the emitter is fine. If I had damaged the emitter, I would’ve just swapped it for another one using the new hot plate I should receive this week.