Need Help Finalizing Decision on Flashlight!

Hello there, everyone. I'm such an indecisive person! Just a couple of days ago, I had my heart set on purchasing a Dereelight DBS Aspheric. After a bit more research, I changed my mind! Now I've narrowed down my options to two lights:

1. Crelant 7G5.

2. Fenix TK41.

Now, the Crelant is about 50 dollars cheaper than the Fenix; however, it utilizes two 18650 lithium ion batteries, which is not the safest combination. If I purchase this light, I will need to buy a pack of two Trustfire 2400 mAh batteries, as well as a cheap multimeter to test voltage to ensure safety. This would add another 25 dollars to the cost of the light, bringing the total price to around 103 dollars shipped. My original idea was to spend 100 dollars on a light for myself for Christmas, but, heck, if I'm going to go and spend a huge amount of money on a light, I might as well chip in an extra 30 dollars or so to get something really good.

That's where the Fenix TK41 comes in. The TK41 is 130 dollars with 8 Sanyo Eneloops, shipped. That's a pretty darn good price, if you ask me, although I would still have to buy a AA charger. Luckily, NiMH batteries are monumentally less risky to use than LiCo batteries. That's what interests me the most about this light.

So, folks, can you help me decide on a light? I think I'll go with whichever light gets 5 votes first. Out of these two, which do you think is a better performer for the money, and which do you think is a better choice for someone who is inexperienced in the world of multi-cell lights?

This post is becoming a little long-winded, but I do have one final question. For those of you who have dealt with in the past, how did you find the service? Are you required to set up an account on their website before making a purchase? I also have the same questions about, which is where I would be getting the TK41 from. Both websites look a little less trustworthy than Manafont and DealExtreme, but I know you can't always judge a book by its cover!

Thanks so much in advance!

What is your primary use for the torch?

The TK41 and the Dereelight are VERY different lights.

Sorry if I misled you -- I'm not interested in the Dereelight at all anymore!

I'm looking for a good thrower that is somewhat practical for everyday usage (which is why I no longer want the Dereelight).

You pretty much summed up the TK41 with that description.

I find the TK40 and TK45 to be more useful, all-around torches - but the TK41 is for sure the thrower of the bunch.

In my experience, two 18650 batteries get left at home most of the time because they are so big. Not a big deal if it is a car or station light. I also cant even imagine what a monumental pain in the ass an 8 battery light would be. You would have to have 16 batteries for it or wait hours for 8 batteries to charge in chargers all over the house. Buy an X9. If I wanted to go upmarket I would buy the TK35. You got your long runtime and XML output in a much more pleasing form.

I've already got a somewhat decent flooder (Ultrafire KF-T60), so I'm definitely looking for more of a 'toy' than a 'tool' this time around. :)

Any comments on the Crelant?

This isn't a light I would be taking everywhere. It'd be more of a backyard light for fun, or, as you mentioned, a light to keep in the car.

With 8 AA batteries, the runtime on the Fenix TK41 is exceptional, considering the fact that I would likely never have it on the 'turbo' setting for long periods at a time.

I was interested in the Trustfire X9 originally as well, but with reports of under-driven samples, I have lost interest. Besides, I am hoping to purchase something a little more upmarket.

The TK35 doesn't throw as well as I would like it to and I hear the construction of it is quite cheap.

^ What he said. X9

I'm definitely not interested in the X9 unless there is a guarantee that my sample will be driven at 2.5 A or higher. Preferably 2.8A.

Go with the Crelant 7G5.

Lots of battery options. Plus you know you get on of the best throwers out there using an XM-l led, U2 bin in this case. ( definitely in the top 5, aiming for the top 2)

The X9 is a lottery regarding the driver, then you also have the two tone finish lottery. You are stuck with single 18650 battery, however not a con for me at all.

Since the 7G5 uses 2 x 18650 cells, it's output is regulated.

There is a $5 fix that will regulate it at 2.8A and you're still way ahead. ;)

Thanks for the help, Hikelite! I asked the same question on CPF and everyone immediately yelled out "Fenix TK41!". There's something about the Crelant that interests me, though.

You own one, right? If so, did you purchase it from How was their service (i.e. fast shipping), and do I have to make an account (thereby providing them with my telephone number and address) or can I just use the visitor cart and successfully pay through PayPal?

I'm still on the fence between the two lights, because I have heard some pretty horrific stories about high-quality 18650s in series, let alone cheap Trustfires.

I'm not sure how to install a new driver into the flashlight though. Is there soldering involved, or is it a simple drop-in modification?

Get yourself a multimeter, practice safe LI-ion handling procedures, and buy QUALITY CELLS.

Most "issues" are due to user error. Not all, but most.

From what I've heard, a cheap multimeter is sufficient for measuring the voltage of batteries, but thicker leads are better for the accurate measurement of amp draw. Is this correct?

When you refer to quality cells, do you mean AW Protected cells, XTAR cells, or another brand? I'm fine with spending that little extra for safety reasons.

However, with 2 cells ringing in at 35 dollars with shipping (from lighthound), it seems that we're into the territory of the Fenix TK41 again, still with safety hazards. XTAR cells on Ebay are much more affordable, though, and if those are considered quality cells, I wouldn't mind springing for those.

The guys on CPF will recommend you the most expensive stuff. :)

Guys around here will recommend you the X9 becasue if you change the driver you can make a very nice 1 cell thrower on budget price. Yes, you need some basic soldering skill for that.

Regarding the 7G5, I do not own it.

Have you heard horrific stories about the Trustfires? or the horrific stories were about the high quality cells and you presume that the cheaper ones will be more horrific so to say?

Buy cells that have protection circuits installed.

Unfortunately there is soldering involved. Sorry, I forget sometimes that not everyone has the equipment to do so. The X9 isn't much shorter than a regular 2 cell torch and a good pair of matched protected cells and a multimeter make a multicell torch very safe. I'd go with the Crelant then.

Yes, I've noticed that the folks there are inclined to recommend pricier lights. ):

I don't have any soldering skill whatsoever, and, as a Christmas present for myself (haha), I'd really like to keep this light trouble-free.

Oh, I thought I had seen a thread where you said that you owned the light. My bad!

I've heard more horrific stories about higher quality batteries (AW), and I can only assume that, with a lessened degree of quality control, that Trustfire and Ultrafire batteries are even more likely to result in a disastrous situation.

I will of course be buying batteries with protection circuits built in if I go down the Crelant route. Of course, lower quality batteries have protection circuits that are more likely to fail, correct?

Are AW batteries button-top cells or not? This is a bit of a random question that I just remembered I wanted to ask.

If it is to be between those two lights I would also pick the Crelant. The battery option is way better. A couple of ebay Hi-Max or Xtar batteries and the Equus 3320 meter,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1440&bih=785&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=888071896557175422&sa=X&ei=5pvSTtSAEsWatwfUhbWpDQ&ved=0CHAQ8wIwBw and you are in good shape.

That's alright. Maybe I should invest in such equipment so that simple tasks like these are possible.

Are there any particular cells you would recommend? As stated previously, I don't mind paying more money for more safety. (: