need help finding a D31mmxH21mm reflector

I need help finding a reflector with a 31mm diameter and depth 21.5 mm and SMO finish. CNQ has OP version.

any ideas?




For which light?

This one.

The one on the left is the good one. The one on the right is junk. Exactly half the output(throw) and terrible beam profile. I have ten of them sitting here with crap reflectors. The first ten I built were from Manafont and had the good reflector and slightly different head design. I ordered ten more from them, but want to salvage the ones I have, into something useful.

I do have the ones from CNQ on the way but they are OP, hope they work, still looking for smooth.

Just received the OP version from CNQ. It is a very nice reflector only 20% loss in throw and very smooth beam. I am happy. Would still like to find a SMO version.