Need help finding a laser

I need your help buying a laser “pointer,” guys. I live in the US.
With the amazing amount of misinformation and obviously lying sellers and stores out there, I need some names of some trusted sellers. I will be using this laser as an actual tool, and not just a toy, so I need to somewhat know what I’m getting. I’m not picky. I just want to know that A) it works, and B) it’s not going to blind me because it’s been misadvertised.

If anybody is interested, I need:
Green laser with easily seen beam
18650 or cr123, 16340 (just not AA, or AAA)
50-150mw ( I need to trust that this is what I’m getting)
Xon/xoff switch (not momentary)
Don’t care if it’s slightly dangerous. I just need to know that it’s not ridiculously overpowered.

I’ve already failed twice, and I’m starting to get really frustrated. This last one that came in the mail is so dim that I can barely see it.

Thanks guys.

Here’s a link I just recently read about green lasers that shows that some of them emit a lot of unintended infrared light. In the video at the link, there are some quality laser manufacturers mentioned.

For what it’s worth, I bought a green one from years ago for around $15 and it still works fine. It runs on AAA batteries though. It may emit infrared, I don’t know, but it is at least bright enough to see the beam when shining it into the sky. I don’t know if I want to use it where I’d be observing the spot without first knowing it’s safe.

Just some thoughts to hopefully help you in your search.

You can try to find here