Need Help Finding a Thread-FOUND-THANKS!!!

I've spent hours searching for this, so I'm hoping one of you has it bookmarked.

It was a thread about someone who used a XR-E along with a number of different lenses, all of which were mounted along a poll essentially. Using the optics they were able to make a really good thrower. I know it was on CPF, and is at least a couple months old as I have been looking for it for that long.

So please, help me find this thread so I can make my own XR-E thrower! :D

Was it the Huygens Ultimate by WalterK?

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Thanks, you would not believe how much time I have wasted looking for that thing.

your welcome

oh man… he beat me to it…mine was a simple one but the idea is the same to his

Daylighter, the difference is his uses two optics so it does it much more. But still nice work. ;)

i tried using 2 optics, but it seems like you need to use at least 2 feet of distance in order to get focus right
either that or i don’t have the right lenses :bigsmile:

Mine could be 4 feet and I'd be fine with it, as long as it throws well. ;)

I wonder what it would do with 15,000+ lumens pumping it? 8)

i’m pretty sure it will be noticed by homeland security :smiley:

If I figure out a way to, all 15 of the XR-Eish LEDs you sent me will go into this. :Evil:

I think you would wind up with 15 dots on the wall…

15 hopefully bright dots. ;)

There's another thread on CPF where a guy used the same method, but with a large Fresnel for the front lens and I believe a double convex near the led, or at least it was not a regular convex. That one was a real thrower too and it was done much cheaper, but I can't find it again on CPF. I can never find anything I want on CPF search.

Wow, that's pretty cool! Kind of useless with that ridiculously small beam width, but cool. 8)

This was in my “cool lights” folder.

Well, when you’re going for long distance, beam size doesn’t mean much, since the human eye can’t make anything out that far without magnifying optics, so when throwers search for the farthest throw, it’s all just useless and meaningless fun anyhow.

What I always wanted to know was if it would help to put "more out the front", by using a close focus lens to coliminate before a bigger aspheric lens, but according to DrJones, (I am positive I am misquoting him, so take this with a grain of salt), what you get is what you get and adding lenses just cuts down on the light.

After reading his thread the other day, all I really want to do is stop using flashlights, LOL. Since now I am so confused, I don't know my name any more.

OL, he did say that. It's confusing, but theoretically it is true. However it seems all of the super LED throwers did do that.

Yep, that’s the one, Thanks.

my attempts to pre-collimate an xm-l before a larger aspheric lens failed, and w/ numbers close enough to imply the losses in the additional lens cancelled out the gains from collecting light that was lost to the sides of the large aspheric by itself.

but, if you think about it, the dome could be counted as a lens…so I guess i was really testing 3 lenses vs 2 lenses :slight_smile: