Need help finding drivers for builds

I acquired a couple surefire poly’s that I need to build p60 drop ins for. Because they are metal sleeved under plastic, I can’t bore t hem out to fit 18650’s. Going to have to use two rechargeable 16340 batteries so the circuit board needs to handle the added load. I would also like a single mode driver. I haven’t been able to find any. Maybe you guys know where to find some? These lights will be really cool once rebuilt. Thanks.

Have you considers using 16650’s, they have some that do 2200mAh now.

Here are some SANYO 2000mAh’s at illumn

Possibly a BLF 17 zener driver might work for you

Or the BLF17DD zener

Not really single mode, but they should handle stacked 16340’s

They can be found here

They do sell 16650 Li Ion batts

The zener diode drivers will not allow 8.4v direct drive into a single 3v LED. The zener only regulates the voltage supply to the MCU, not the LED. The LED still connects straight to battery voltage thru the minimal drop thru the FET like always. It would work for 2x16340s + 1xMTG2, but not 1xXML2.

The 16650's are in some asus laptop packs but for the life of me I can't figure out what they are ...something small like a netbook ?? if you figure it out let me know I'm interested in them and kicking myself for not buying 16650's when Fasttech had them for sale cheap.

Would a 17650 fit?

I found 17670s in an ancient Vaio pack. Anything from that vintage is going to be all clapped out by now, though.

16650 from either Mtnelectronics or Illum and a 105C reflashed to single mode is the best option. You could go with a single mode driver from China but without the mcu you won’t have low voltage warning. If that’s not an issue just clip pin 8 to disable the mcu and short the Vdd pin of one 7135 to B+. First option is best for anything other than mt-g2, use a Zener board and 2 x 16340 for that. Lots of guys here can help with reflashing.

Thanks. A reflashed 105c sounds like my best bet.