Need help fixing switch of laser


I finally got a specific laser pointer I wanted. I put batteries in it and it worked. But it stayed on, the switch does not turn it off, though it worked for 3 or 4 times.
I opened it and wanted to see if there is a loose contact or something else. A very small spring and a tiny metal ball fell of a hole AND a small piece of plastic that looks like it broke off.
Anyway. With batteries installed, it works but I can NOT turn it off with the stwitch. The switch can be pushed from side to side and I think has contact to the tiny metal ball that pushes into the spring. Pushing the ball/ spring with somethign else does NOT turn the laser off.
Can you guys pleeeease help me here?


Please, anyone?
I know you guys can help me : (

Never seen anything like that before


What is the model number or make of the mount/laser?

It´s a cheap laser from DX:

Link to DX

Ball bearing is a click detent for the switch…plastic piece needs to go in before the spring…it probably pushes a tiny momentary button. the spring, then the ball, this way you have a click when you turn it off and on…the ball bearing pushes in on spring, spring pushes in on plastic nub, nub pushes the button?

Not really enough pictures of the mechanism and switch. It does look like the plastic piece is rounded so that it can slide over the ball to push it down.

never seen anything before, but i think:

red marks:
the Ball goes to the spring and just makes the “klick” and holds the Switch (the big U at the right side) in Position
(red circle at the U marks the worn out aluminium from steel ball)

green marks:
the white thingy could be the “Lever” of the electric switch (green circled) and this lever goes into the green square to slide on/off

try to slide the electrical switch wit a needle or small screwdriver left-right
if that works maybe superglue the plastic nose could help
otherwise change the switch

The small white piece is indeed from the marked other piece. I pushed a small screwdriver INTO it and it went off. So that should be correct.The gap on the switch let´s the small broken piece come out and the laser turns off. At least thats how it would work. The smal white thing is soooo small (1,27mm wide and even flatter) it will immediately brake again if I glue it. I have no idea how this shoudl have lasted longer that for one or to switching cycles…

I´m still trying to get an idea how to make it work again.

I am afraid you have to change the switch or let someone do it for you

good call!

could you take a Picture with the laser upside down?
so that we can see the switch from above?

That’s the Secret Superpower of BLF!! Guys here can fix something they’ve never seen before, without even touching it, just from a picture of it, taken apart.


Some additional pictures : )

unscrew the 2 Phillips

take out the PCB

then you see the broken switch

maybe there is a code or so to identify