need help from a US citizen

Hi there!

I love Snyder’s of Hanover pretzel pieces!
but I get it here in Austria only via Amazon in tiny bags (125g) :frowning:

I once was in Miami and found quite big packs in people’s super market iirc…

my question:
could someone ask how much a big box stuffed with snacks shipped to Austria (zip code 3550)
let’s say 10 pounds? :smiley:
if it’s affordable grab the snacks and send it over the big pond to the old world …

I would PayPal you the expenses for snacks and shipping and you may of course keep some of the snacks for yourself :wink:

I love Snyders of Hanover, too! I never thought about someone loving it so much to pay to ship it across the world! :open_mouth: That’s an interesting request…

Edit: Can’t get shipping rate without at least a city, as well as the country and zip. what size box are you thinking you want? a 10 pound box of pretzels could be fairly large I think, but I don’t know how large.

Try giving them a call directly via skype, during local business hours? My bet is they will probably be able to ship to you cheaper than one of us, and might give you a better price.

4620 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

(718) 832-9022

Wow, you must REALLY love Snyders!

This made me literally lol

The mustard flavored pieces were the BEST! :wink:

You definitely want to call. Snyders and Utz are the players in pretzels.

The reason you want to call is packaging. Both have large bulk jars that will be much more economical to ship than bags with air within. :)

Just as FYI...they do that all the time

Hot Buffalo flavor is my Snyder pretzel pieces of choice. They’re yummy, but horrible for you.

Somehow I knew this thread would take a strange "twist".. :D

lol!! The best pretzels and potato chips are from South Eastern,PA………Numerous brands,Hanover, Utz,Martins, Sturgis,ect!

They are all near/in Pa. Dutch country about 40 to 60 miles from my house! They sell them in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

link for email form:


Do you want to provide feedback or have questions regarding Snyder’s of Hanover? Please contact us.
By Telephone: Please call us at 800-233-7125 between 8:00am and 5:00pm EST, weekdays.
By Letter: You can send us a letter at our mailing address:
Snyder’s-Lance, Inc.
Attn: Consumer Affairs
P. O. Box 6917
Hanover, PA 17331

Good luck,

do you need some beer shipped too?

lol!! the beer is better in Europe[Gemany/Ireland/AUSTRIA,ECT!

I have a Cheerios cinnamon box in my amazons cart, but they don’t ship here :frowning: they don’t sell that flavor here and I loved it, similar situation but I won’t probably pay the expensive shipping for those. I prefer to travel there again and have them

Oh god, now I’m trolling this thread.

Do an eBay search for Snyders of Hanover, you just might be able to find someone offering international shipping. There was 6 pages of listings when I searched the US site.

pm me the full address. i have a snyder’s tin barrel about 2 feet tall somewhere in the house (if my mother allows me to send it) i can pack it in there and you can send me a package of authentic vienna sausages

I love it! :party:
Flashaholics shipping 10 pounds jars of pretzels half way around the world.
Wife: What the hell kind of huge flashlight did you order??!
Actually its 10 pounds of pretzels! But it did come from a fellow Flashaholic!

Which flavor / type do you like? Those cinnamon pretzel poppers look good! I’ll have to try them.


thanks for your comments!

shipping air is a good point…

I will also contact the manufacturer the next days!

I like:
jalapeños (I love it hot)
cheddar cheese
honey mustard
the BBQ wings is a bit sour to me

but I want to try ALL flavours, because I don’t get them here :wink:


You should try out texas joe original beef jerky m8…thats my favourite snak


it combines quite ok with vodka though :wink:

SNAP! I didn’t know they had Jalapeno flavored one’s? The search begins………

all flavours

Cool! Thanks, M4X!! OH oh…Maple BACON!!!