Need help picking some flashlights for the family...

Be gentle, this is my first post :wink:

Looking for some flashlights for the family, for at home in their rooms and when we go camping…

My EDC is a Streamlight ProTac HL. Sometimes I carry a ProTac 2L.

I’m looking for two types of flashlight.

One would be something similar to the ProTac form factor (size), with a minimum of 200 lumen, but in the $10-15 dollar range for the kids. I’d be willing to spend more (say up to $30) if the flashlight is rechargeable and comes with a rechargeable battery. Something like the Convoy BD01.

AA rechargeable batteries are preferred, but any rechargeable lithium ion would be fine.

The second type of flashlight would be for the wife. She prefers the MagLight full size 3 D or 3 C type form factor. I saw the 1000 Lumen Duracell Ultra at Costco and thought that might be a good option for her and at $15.99 the price is right.

Also, noticed that there are some sales going on today because of Chinese New Year, so suggestions for items that are currently on sale would be helpful, since I plan to buy 2 to 4 of each flashlight.

Thanks for the help!

For the kids, get some Sipik sk68s. Cheap, work from AAs, and a fun little zoomie available in multiple colors.

Hmmm... won't meet you minimum lumen requirement though, at least on alkaline/nimh...

Hugsby makes good quality lights that use AA and AAA batteries and should have the lumens you are looking for.

From what I’ve read that Duracell light is a good buy for the money, the Defiant “Unbreakable” lights are also good, but they are around $30.

Lights with built-in chargers are not very highly regarded around here. Most have unsafe chargers that could cause major injuries. The convoy and a few others are exceptions, but generally you won’t find a good one cheaper than $30

For clarity, AA rechargeable batteries are generally nimh, not lithium. There is a similarly shaped and sized Li ion, the 14500, but its 4.2v (3.7v nom) not 1.5v as is AA, or 1.2v nimh. Lithium is also not recommended for kids, it has inherent dangers due to the extra energy density and quality and handling issues. Its a little complicated which is why they arent recommended for uninformed adults, let alone kids.

As for lights, Ill leave that to people who have been around these things a little longer than me. But I highly recommend Eneloops for AA nimh, and it appears Amazon has some Amazon Basics AA nimh that appear to be decent products for good prices at the moment.

Keltex, thanks for the reply. It’s currently $5.17 at Is that the price I should expect to pay?

Also, look at the Rayovac “Indestructable” lights. They might be a little more money, but they are available locally, they’re bright, and very good quality

Thanks for the advice! This type of advice is greatly appreciated.

Any thoughts on the Dipper BD04 ? Seems like a great deal at the $20 price point. I’m really interested in a flashlight that the kids can recharge themselves using 5V usb, since they have this everywhere, including the car.

Welcome to the forum caseten, the thrunite saber 1A is a nice 1 x AA light that can run on nimh’s or get bumped to liion but the sk68 seems to be one of the most ubiquitous lights around, is cheap(easily replaceable), and comes in a variety of colors.

Other dipper models have been reviewed as having safe charging circuits, but I haven’t heard on that one myself.

Personally I wouldn’t give any 18650 lights to a kid unless I can supervise at all time while they have it. We have been spoiled by alkaline batteries that are tolerant of almost anything you do to them. Lithiums are not the same.

While dad should have a super light and mom her club like light, I wouldn’t want kids to have 200 lumen.

The kids eyes need very few lumens for seeing, and it seems like they would just be annoying people with a super bright light.

To me the Sipik sk68 seems perfect because it is plenty of light for a kid both in lumens and durability, with a kid pleasing feel of toughness, and it has the zoom function that should keep them entertained. I can see kids spending a LOT of time zooming in and out, with the Sipik, it’s almost like a toy ray gun in itself.

Not that I am in anyway an expert on these things I would also suggest just getting some cheap sipik sk68 clones in various colors for the kids or maybe a Hugsby. The wife might be happy with a Yezl y3 with the extra section as a flashlight for herself. Powerful, cheapish and hefty enough to crown any fearsome folk she might come across.

Thanks for all of the great suggestions.

I have it (review up soon), and I would recommend the BD03 rather than the 04, because there are no movable parts, and aside from the novelty factor, I do not see much use of a zoomie

Disclaimer: I am a bit biased against zoom flashlights