Need help troubleshooting cell phone wifi

Last few days when someone calls my cell phone more often than not it won't ring but a message pops up on the screen that says "missed call". Several times it won't even show the missed call msg. This is in my house. Works fine away from my house. After checking everything, I found out the same time my cell phone started doing that was the same time hydro installed a smart meter. I was also reading smart meter signals can disrupt normal wifi signals.

So, I used my emf meter as I went for the opt out program where a smart meter is installed but wifi turned off. My emf meter reads burst of up to 400 on the "e-field" part of the screen. Wouldn't that be way too high for a disabled wifi meter? My meter shows anything above 48 as dangerous, but right now I'm only concerned with my cell phone not ringing.

I’d bet you just have do not disturb turning on when you’re at home.

Never use that feature and it is not turned on, so don't think that is the problem as it only started a few days ago and doesn't happen all the time.

I would be a little more concerned about the EMF and forget about your phone. Get a smart meter cage and install it I opted out and still have put a cage over the meter.

I have not owned a cell phone since 2016. I got rid of my Galaxy S7 Edge and never looked back.


I wouldn’t be worried about your health though.

Cell phone radiation is not ionizing, so you won’t feel any bad effects, nor get ones.

Still, how did you get such numbers on the electric field?

400V/m is insanely high IMO. Something must be consuming A LOT of power in your house for it to transmit such high power levels.

What kinda emf meter, and what’s the frequency on which the meters are tranceiving? Doesn’t seem to be much info about ’em online, just generic “Smart meters are dangerous!” / “No they’re not!” websites.

I was always curious about those meters. Ostensibly we had A Box installed on the outside a buncha years ago, but both gas and electric need to be read by a hyu-mon each month/two.

These EMF meters are actually pretty nice for detecting background EMF radiation.

Usually, these meters detect frequencies between 500 kHz to 5 GHz, so most of what us consumers use in homes(unless you like 60GHz Wi-Fi of course), and can detect electric fields with strengths from 30V/m to 3000V/m.

The problem is that the only meters I’ve used are industrial/scientific ones.
The consumers ones are probably much worse.

I was just reading the cages just send more EMF the other way inside the house so was not sure about them yet.

It is around 141V/m spiking to over 400V/m. I use the mustool mt525 meter and some have said in the reviews that it gives the same readings as the really expensive ones. Nothing consuming anything much in my house and I have low hydro bills. Just tv or computer on most of the time. I don't understand the readings that well, but is the V/m mostly the reading of the RF signal from the smart meter?

did you try turning wifi off on your phone and see if it still happening?

Yeah I really don't know if they are dangerous or not but I opted out as long as I could but now they force one on you whether you like it or not and if you don't like it they say they will just cut service to you. The thing is, they now install a smart meter with the wifi supposedly turned off as default if customers are like me that opted out of smart meters in the beginning but I have read here in BC that it is still on even though they tell you it is off and has been tested by some to be on. Here is the meter specs that is on my house.

Itron USA


IC: 864G-AM17


I have an old flip phone only and I don't think wifi can be turned off.

The meters PLUSE dangerous levels of EMF about every 6 seconds.If you were to stand in front of one for 30 minutes to an hours (DO NOT DO THIS) there is a very high chance you would not be feeling very well. Don’t believe anything about the non Ionizing radiation as being safe. It 100 % is not safe.

There will be no where to hide from a weapons system called 5G anywhere on earth , except maybe places like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. 5G is not what people think it is. Please, please,do not believe me, I encourage everyone to do their own research.

Remember the FCC and other agencies are suppressing the dangers of 5G. After all the military uses it very effectively.

Yes , they are emitting even when supposed to be turned off.

You really believe that cell phones are not extremely dangerous ? WOW!!!

His meter is not high because he is using a lot of electricity. It does not matter how little you use, it Pulses insane levels every 6-10 seconds.

Want to be open minded but lots of nasty stuff about 5G accelerating diseases rapidly. Glad I'm old enough not to worry but bummer for the younger generation.

I may be wrong that my smart meter is emitting RF waves as my test meter displays only Electrical Fields as V/m and Magnetic Fields as μT but nothing in my documentation shows that it can read RF?

So y’all are absolutely certain that radio waves are deadly, eh? Then I have a deal for you, and you should be sure you’ll win. See, I’m an amateur radio operator. If you buy me all manner of fancy radio equipment, I promise to use it lots and if it turns out I die of mysterious magical radio waves in a few years, then my family/estate will pay you double the sticker price. If not, I get it for free. Any takers? :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy crap guys.

@klrman, do not worry about what he says.

Cell phone radiation will not harm any of your living tissue by a long shot, especially at consumer devices power levels.

Otherwise, the light emitted from your flashlight would be much more dangerous than the radio waves from your cellphone.

@CREEXHP70, please stop spreading misinformation.
This is not a good thing.

If you do not believe in science, then I do not think you belong in BLF.
I’m serious.

My first thought was amateur radio operators. We have a club here in town and many of the guys are almost fossils so I guess it can't be that bad. Not 100% sure about cell phones though. I think in general they are safe as long as you respect them, but if you are like my cousin having it strapped to her body all day, well, she has a tumour exactly where it is strapped, and there are too many cases exactly like that, but just to be clear, I won't be strapping my smart meter to my chest any time soon. The main reason I didn't want the smart meter was because they have a lithium battery inside that can pop and from what I read, that was the main reason houses burn down with smart meters if the battery is faulty.

Cell phones just use a few different bands that are spread across the same spectrum as all the other allocations, and at lower power levels than a lot of them since it’s running off a little phone battery. There’s no magic frequency that does damage like that - they only get absorbed as heat for the most part, unless maybe you have a very strong signal that’s the right frequency to turn a metal implant into an antenna, or interfere with a pacemaker. Someone with nothing in their body doesn’t have that possibility, so it’s just an inconsequential amount of heat until you go all the way up the spectrum to ultraviolet where you finally have something that’s capable of causing skin cancer.