Need help troubleshooting cell phone wifi

Well, no, it’s about frequency (and wavelength). With higher and higher frequencies, the wavelengths are getting smaller and smaller, enough to match the sizes of cells, neural pathways, etc.

I’m not about to try this, but someone mentioned that you could stick a cockaroach in a microwave oven, dial it up to 11, and the beastie will happily keep scurrying around unfazed because it’s just physically smaller than the wavelengths being vomited into the chamber. It just doesn’t absorb those rays.

A small mouse, though… well, it won’t be pretty.

So now all your cells and such are being better “tuned” those ever-shrinking rays, and absorbing lots more than shortwave (which are obscenely long, all things considered). Hell, I had a 108” fiberglass whip antenna on my car, that was still only ¼-wave! And ceebee and 10m are pretty damned close in size.

Now we’re talking antennas whose sizes are miniscule, and sub-mm waves are going to be saturating the planet 24/7. I’m thinking Spartan was right for wanting to turn his house into a Faraday cage.

I’ll carry a phone in my bag, but not on my person. And I try to keep it away from me overnight. Should really just turn it off, ’cause it’ll still “wake up” when it’s time for my alarm to go off.

And, c’mon, people know about the hissing, buzzing, clicking, etc., that people hear when exposed to microwaves. Even experiments that spooks did to beam voices into peoples’ heads via microwaves. So those rays are absorbed in the body, and it’s been posited that the cranium makes a rather nice resonant cavity at those frequencies.

So hey, y’all are free to dismiss those warnings, but me, I’d rather try to minimise the chances of growing brain tumors, even if it does turn out to be a bunch of hooey. There’s enough garbage in the air, in the water, in the food, etc., that can be carcinogenic, mutagenic, oncogenic, all sorts of -genics, that I don’t mind erring on the side of caution.

^^ Lightbringer, I'm with you on this. There is good science and then there is msm science where many will say whatever their salaries depend on. One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to connect the dots.

Yeh, just like “secondhand smoke never hurt anybody… so smoke up!”.

“Researchers” know who butters their bread.

wee woo wee woo

Come on now. Think about what you are saying here. A microwave usually runs at 2.4GHz. Same as wifi. The wavelength is about 12 cm.

About how big is a cockroach? About the size of a vienna sausage? Microwave a little sausage and see if it warms up. Microwave a single kernel of corn or a single pea and see if it warms up. Spoilers: they will cook.

The cockroach is alive and can feel pain. It can dodge the hot zones. But eventually it’ll cook too.

Whoa… sausage!?

You got some big-ass cockaroaches!

Must be Aussie cockroaches, I remember them being quite big.

Can’t quite figure all this out. Are you still having the problem?

I understand it’s an old flip-phone, not iPhone or Android. WiFi being on or off should definitely not matter. Very different form of communication from cellular.

Cellular signals can be interrupted in a wide range of ways. I once had a situation where my signal strength dropped 2 bars at home and wouldn’t go back up for over a week. I’d keep dropping calls, if I moved around. And even when standing in one place, the signal strength would fluctuate. It turns out… there was a police trailer temporarily placed on an adjacent block. They had a few communications dishes on top. Who knows what EMF they were generating. Anyway, once they were gone, the interference vanished.

Funny thing is that it only seems to happen in my house and exactly started playing up when a smart meter was recently installed. Phone is still missing rings often. I did some research and I found out that smart meters disrupt wifi, but it is not often talked about. Before I go down that road I'll rent an RF meter and make sure the s meter is emitting those waves and then if so, put a cage on it and maybe a screen on the inside wall behind where the meter would be as there is apparently new tech now on meters that can allow them to transmit a 360 signal instead of 180. Not sure if my meter can, but I will test for it.