Need help with a mod

I bought a new driver from banggood (I ordered another one from mountain electronics that I’m waiting on) but it only turns on high. It’s supposed to be programmed with the blf a6 programming. It’s 17mm and I put it in a convoy s2+sst-40. Any suggestions on what is going wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A short to ground on LED negative could cause this, check the solder on the MCPCB isn’t touching the side of the MCPCB or the pill.

This ^

Also, it’s going to be very hard to diagnose without pictures of the driver/pill/led. The reflector could be shorting it out as well. You can try removing the reflector, and installing the pill by itself to the normal depth and checking it in that state. If the problem goes away, the LED- connection needs insulated and/or flattened down

I’m going to go check but I already have a feeling that you’re right. Thank you for the suggestion. I truly do appreciate your help.

Awesome, thank you for this. I will check this as well. I freaking love you guys. I hope one day I will be able to help if not you guys directly, other people on this board. Everyone here is so selfless and helpful. Thanks again. BTW for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been lurking on this board for years under the same name but didn’t post much. Later I forgot my password so I made a new account with the same name. I was on candle power forums longer and still love it but I apologize ahead of time if there’s any crossover, but I like this place better. Not knocking CPF, just have a slight preference for here. Thanks again guys, you all rock.