Need help with pop can Flashlight

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and was wondering if some of you could share some knowledge.

I’m looking for a good soda can style Flashlight. I already owned the Olight X7R but sold it when I needed the cash regrettably but loved it and used it daily for dog walking and evening walks with the family etc.

I was going to purchase the X7R again but since owning that I saw the Acebeam x80gt was released and recently saw the Emisar D18 which caught my eye too.

Just wondered if there were any more similar lights worth checking out and what you guys think is the most reliable and best bang for your buck for this type of light.

Looking for a Flashlight that can sustain 1-3k lumens for as long as possible with the obvious added bonus of a short burst of powerful light when needed.

Thanks guys.

My standard go-to is the BLF SP36. If you want a 4 battery light, I don’t have an answer.

Sofirn sp36 … has built in charging 55$ including bats

Here’s the UK listing SP36, you want the Anduril UI version, if you choose to get it.

Thank you very much guys, I hadn’t even heard of that light so I’ll go take a look now, cheers.

Astrolux MF01S
Acebeam K30

BLF SP36 ftw!
Or the original BLF Q8, (not the Sofirn, but Thorfire) without USB charging, but with tripod mount.

The Acebeam X80-GT is bulletproof and really impressive. check the video I did with mine a few days ago.

Thanks for the links and recommendations guys, will watch that video in a few mins thanks Zeusfl.

+1 to the above suggestions, especially the SP36 with USB charging.

If on board charging means something to you, maybe the new Astrolux MF 01 Mini will talk to you.

My first can light was a MF01 but now it’s been replaced with a D18.

What batteries did you use for your acebeam x80gt?

How are you finding the Emisar D18?

I personally started with the originals Acebeans. Then I experimented with Sony VTC6 unprotected but I learned that you need to use a Neodymium Magnets 4mm x 2mm in order to make it work. Otherwise, the battery will be lose. Using the same technique I use Samsung IRN 30Q and they work very good as well but my favorite is Sony.

for Emisar