Need help

Hi I recently received a Acebeam k75 and it has some quality issues with it. First off and the main issue is that there is a oily film on the lens. I have tried removing it with a eye glasses wipe,both dry anand with a little rubbing alcohol. I can get the lens crystal clear but within a half hour or so there's a white film on the lens.I have tried several times to remove the film but it just keeps moving around on the lens. Also there are several small specks on the reflector that glow when the light is on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Is it possible to get some photos of the issues so we can see and have more context as to help aid our time in deducing what could be the issue.

Trying to attach pics. However, I can't seem to find how to do that. Clicking on insert image doesn't take me to my gallery. I'm trying to do this in my phone. Do you have an email address I can have to send pics?

There is a link in my signature on how to post pics on BLF.

It might be quite difficult on a phone or tablet.

It is much easier on a desktop or laptop.