Need ideas for 2S battery and 3x LED light

I have a Brinyte S38 triple LED light I want to modify. It is actually a well made light with decent heat sinking, but the light came with 3x XRE LEDs so I have to modify it. It has 2 batteries in series and 3 LEDs that I’ll wire parallel. LEDs will have to go on 10mm PCBs. The reflector is only 18mm deep so it’ll be floody. The driver is 20mm. I need ideas for LEDs and driver.

Are you sure you want to wire them in parallel?

Wiring them in series would allow for higher max brightness at the same current level.

True, but I’d have to use a boost driver to power 3 LED’s in series for 2 batteries in series.

You could use two XPL and one XHP50. Wire the XPLs in series and put that in parallel with the 6V XHP50. Use dome or domeless depending on what you want. Use with a FET driver.

Note that the XHP50.2 seems to have a high failure rate when driven at 5A+. You could use a XHP50 and the XPLs will fill in the donut hole.