Need LED LIGHTS. Need advice

Looking for led lights and I’m in the market for about 15-20 units of them. with the following specs preferable:

- E27 connector.

- I prefer warm/neutral white though I can live with cool white.

  • Low wattage. just posted and I was wondering if any of you members would recommend any of the bulbs he is selling.


if the price is important try the IKEA Ledare LED Bulb. 5€ or $7 depending where you live.
quality is way better than all the chinese B2C one and 400lm is a good amount.
I bought one 600lm ikea ledare and it was at 10€ and it was not really brighter than the 5€ one (and not 50% brighter to the eye).
They also have 200lm in various connector.

Yo zouave….I don’t need high lumens output per bulb. I need them low output as my ceiling lamp unit (if that is called like that) has 9 sockets to place those bulbs. Its either 3 lighted (middle row), 6 lighted (two outside row) or full blast (all 9 leds) I can’t imagine putting nine 400 lumens bulb in those.

I got 2 of those ‘ceiling lamp unit’

Ikea also have 200lm E27 bulb (but 7€, I think their best seller is the 400lm one at 5€). They have less lumen than the spot sold at MyLed.
I bought many of those light bulbs with many SMD. New ikea led are way better and not way more expensive. I think that I already bought led bulb that was more than 5€ and they don’t work now.
Come on, there must be an ikea near you, give it a try. Even if you are busy the next two week, you will have time to go to ikea before the package from HK will arrive.

These are the specs from the myLed site for one of their LED downlights.

LED Power(W): 3
Connector: E27
Voltage(V): AC85-265
LED Qty: 3 pcs High Power
Lumen Flux(Lumen): 270-300
Color: Warm White
Light Temperature(K): 2800-3300
Price: $3.20 for 10+ units

In my opinion these figures aren’t believable. You just can’t get 100 Lumens / watt in a $3 light with current technology. Especially when that light has a reflector, a lens, a built in driver and a small heat sink. (LED output falls off as the light gets hot).

You’ll probably also find they don’t meet local safety standards, aren’t compatible with most dimmers, aren’t very well binned for color variations and nearly impossible to refund when they fail to meet their claimed 20 year claimed lifetime. Also the quality of the light’s spectrum (CRI) is likely to be poor as they fail to mention this important aspect of the LED performance. Many of the cheaper LEDs flicker as well and cause radio interference. So buyer beware.

I had to remove my dimmer switch as the shop where I bought them told me that led lights don’t accept dimmers…

edit: I’m not much into bargaining price online for led lights. I have the option of buying reputable CFL light bulbs from brick and mortar shops and would cost about $5-6 per unit. I’m fine with this but the wattage and rated output is high imo. A 7w energy saver bulb is rated for about 35W incan or something like that…
Need to get as low as 3-5w per bulb with E27 connector.

What size bulbs are you looking for? I have a bunch left over (PAR16/PAR20/PAR30/PAR38) from my LED house conversion:

I bought 10 of this for $28 at Ciscco an Aliexpress store. Will report when I receive them estimated in another 3 weeks.
I have to make a second order for above store as the batteries shipped from my first order of 6X xm-l T6 emitter torch included 3x26650 plus charger but he shipped 18650’s.


LEDs quantity: 3 pieces

LED Source: CREE LED Dimmable (i ordered non dimmable)

LED Power: 3x3W 9W

Power consumption: 9W

Input voltages: 85-265V

Base: E27

Size: 50mm x 60mm

Lumens: 450-500 Lm(approx)

Beam angle:

15 Angle. 30 Angle.

45 Angle. 60 Angle.

90 Angle. 120 Angle.

Color temperature:

Warm White 2700K-3500K (ordered 10 warm whites)

Pure White 3500K-5500K

Cool White 5500K-7000K

Long life:100,000 hours
Housing Material: Aluminum

I bought one of these bulbs a while back and have been very happy with it. It's installed in a nightstand light and gets turned on every evening at dark and has been used several hours a day with no issues. It's a good amount of light for the nighstand, a bit less output than a typical 13W CFL. $7.67/each, $7/each for five or more.

Same bulb here in a 3W. I have one of these installed in a small closet but it's not bright enough for that application. $6.33/each, $5.75 for five or more.

...and the 7W here, probably overkill for your application, but it's actually a very useable amount of light...

Now that’s an interesting one. LEDs made to look like CFLs which only took that form factor to look as much like an incandescent as possible…

Size as per this link:

Most excellent. Would it be asking too much to get some screenshots? :stuck_out_tongue:

Links please?

That link shows 17 different bulbs with diameters from 1.6” (PAR16) to 3.8” (PAR38). What diameter are your fixtures?

About these sizes will do.

The fasttech ones will fit in the middle.

The bulbs pictured will be fairly directional/spotlight bulbs. Not good for general room illumination as all the light will only shine forward. I've used bulbs like he first two you pictured and they were pretty useless for lighting up a room. The second two bulbs you picture work great in spotlight applications; stovetop vent hoods and tracklights for illuminating specific areas (used mine for lighting kitchen countertops with good success).

I get it keltex78. I think I’ll get the led lights then. Is the quality ok? Don’t they overheat or something? I could use a few more in toilet/bathroom etc…

I recently order some 85-265V dimmable E27 COB (circuit on board) 9W LED bulbs in natural white to replace my PAR16 for my potlights for $4.14/bulb from Aliexpress.

I found that the single COB LED emitter gave a nice even light rather that several LED emitters. The 9W will be equivalent to 150W incandescent bulb. Since our potlights were dimmable it works great and no problems. Since it is 110V in North America, the 85-265V was very flexible. The small PAR16 size was hard to find in the 2” diameter that I like. The only complaint my wife had was the the natural white was too cool. So I am planning to order more in warm white.

The other problem was that delivery from China took a little over 1 month but worth the wait.

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I also posted the same topic on BLF.

I think you’ll find that COB = Chip on board and not circuit on board.

The COB chips are in fact multiple emitters. They are just packed closer together compare to having multiple chips. Which also increases the heat density making COB solutions harder to cool.

150W incandescents will be around 3000 lumens. There is no way you will get anything even remotely close to this from a 9W LED downlight. Maybe you would get 650 lumens from a quality 9W LED.

A good rule of thumb is incandescents put out around 10 usable lumens per watt and LED bulbs put out around 60… assuming it is not some crap Chinese bulb.