Need new cells, what is the current hotness?

I haven’t been around in a few years, and have a few dead 18650’s. Need to replace them

I also found all 4 of my LG HE2’s were dead dead. 0 Volts, and giving them a quick zap did nothing. Seemed odd that my other old cells were fine.

Is there anything better these days than some 30Q’s for high drain? What about for 1 amp draw? I did some quick looking and didn’t see anything appreciably better.

Lastly, has anyone ordered from

Thanks all

It’s really a bad time to be looking for batteries right now. Prices are stupid high everywhere.

I think the Sony VTC6 is supposed to be better than the 30q these days.

If the “dead” cells are protected, check that first.

I don’t use protected cells.

Sony VTC6 are slightly better than 30Q I think.

K, they dead.

I always compare cells on HJK's site but last I looked I think the VTC6 outdid the 30Q in some situations but they're really close in performance. I harvested some VTC4s from a Dyson battery pack and even for being "earlier" and abused in a vacuum power draw they do well for the most part. For low drain I've been sticking with Samsung, 35E mostly. I've been happy with the Vapcell models I own but I only look to them for the sizes that the majors don't make (14500, 26650, etc)...worth comparing with the others, though.

Ditto on good luck purchasing right now. In the last two weeks a coworker and myself have placed two orders with Liion - they barely have anything in stock and the prices are higher than they were in just January of this year (shipping, also) but they're in better shape than the other decent online battery sites. I usually add a cell or three to my orders when I need small items or fewer items just to make the shipping cost worth it, but I couldn't do it this time.

A bit off-topic, but I used to only get protected cells because they're a little bit safer.

But I know now there are benefits of unprotected cells, and that's what I prefer now.

I can see why most people on BLF tend to like unprotected cells.

Also, I only get single cell flashlights, so unprotected cells make even more sense for my situation.

For those 1 amps draws; Sanyo NCR18650GA, Samsung INR18650-35E and LG INR18650MJ1. All are about the same capacity and have the same 10 amp ceiling. As far as high drain, how high?

Add the Molicel M35A to the 3500mAh/up to 10A category. For 10-15A the best cells are the Sony VTC6, but only if you get genuine ones as there are lots of fakes. For over 20-30A you have the backordered ‘custom cell’ Vapcell S30, other options are Molicel P26A, Sony VTC5A/D and Samsung 25S.

Buy some batteries now to be in the safe side, but for large purchases wait a few months until Japan and Taiwan finish vaccinating their vulnerable population, they barely started. At least Molicel has a plant in Canada so it should remain available if the other have to shutdown. By that time the supply issues should be solved.

Another item to check is a review of whatever battery you're looking at buying just to get more good info.

There's a guy that goes by the handle of Mooch that is well respected around the world for his battery testing.

Here's a link to a webpage of his battery reviews, well worth checking out:



18650batterystore currently has Molicel P26A on sale at $3.50 each. You cannot find better ones at the moment.

I just ordered some of the Molicels. Hope they are good.

Got an email from IMR Batteries today for their holiday 10% off of all 21700 cells. Took a peek at their site and they did show to supposedly have some 36G, 30Q, and several Sony VT6 flavors in stock. I can't believe how many cells/sites are out of stock at this moment in time. Crazy.

IDK batteries
but here is The Hotness
Dua Lipa

At that price it’s not a bad deal in terms of $/mAh, furthermore they are capable of very high drain. Most flashlights that don’t need them will nevertheless work with high drain cells (except the ones with a design flaw where an unregulated FET driver is used together with a very low forward voltage emitter or with a delicate emitter like the 219B), so given that short term production in their Taiwan plant may be impacted by the recent Covid19 outbreak in that country, I say buy some more now. If getting 18650 batteries from USA was cheaper and easier for me I’d buy them. I’m not really sure what 18650batterystore is thinking doing a sale while supply may be threatened in the short term.

They call this marketing thing as a “Customer Appreciation Sale” The email I received says “We know availability and pricing have been crazy this year. We’re doing our best to keep prices as low as possible and will never sacrifice the quality of batteries we offer.” Anyway they are the Molicel authorized dealer and Molicel is very friendly to consumer market while all other major manufacturers are tightening their controls so I believe they have huge stock for these P26As. Also there is a rumor that Molicel is going to release P31A in this summer……