Need P60 drop in

Long story short, I made the mistake of buying a solarforce P60 drop-in and now the LED has gone bad as it will not light up more than a couple lumens.(if that) I need reccomendations on P60 drop in for L2m with extended tube for 2x18650. I do not think that the solarforce drop-ins could handle 2 batteries as stated. They want me to send it back into them but shipping is more than the product costs. i would fix the p60 myself but i can’t solder worth crap.(unless someone wants to do it for me for cheap, hehe) so this is why i ask the community what drop in i should get for 2 batteries? I already have a solarforce with a sportac nichia 219 dropin and not to fond of it. my budget is around $35.
thanks in advance.
I have looked at these from Custom lite p60 dropin but i have not seen any reviews on them.

This one will take 2.7V - 8.5V

Note that while 2.7-8.5V is spec’ed, they also explicitly state “Battery Types Supported: 1 x 18650 or 2 X CR123A”. Based on that line I’d say it’s possible that it’s a linear driver. I have no other knowledge of this beyond the product listing.

Begs the question…have you checked the drop-in module outside of the light to see if indeed it is not working properly? These designs are prone to not get a good ground, that could be your issue.

If you just want a better P-60 drop-in, check out the ones from Richard (RMM) here on the forum. P-60 Drop-in

His prices are good, shipping is fast, and you can customize your emitter choice and power output with Richard. Highly recommend him.

I contacted Richard already and his drop ins are for a single cell. Thanks though.

Unfortunately I think you’ll find that this is the rule, P60’s which accept 2x18650 are the exception. I’ll be interested in seeing what people suggest!

I have no problems with Solarforce P-60 drop-ins running with multiple batteries, maybe you got a bad one. Solarforce P-60 drop-ins several do state that they are suitable for multiple 18650’s.

I would say that for running two 18650 your best bet is to order another from solarforce.

If you’re looking for a single 18650 there’s a lot of choices.

If I were in the USA I would fix that for you, 8 dollars each way for shipping kind of ruins that.

Hope you solve your problem.

I use a dummy cell in those situations, run an Efest 35A at around 6A with some modes to use when run time is more critical and let her rip! :slight_smile:

I’m very much the same way, juice it up, although run times on a solarforce dropin (since they aren’t driven hard) on two cells is pretty good. I use two rcr123 with one of my solarforce dropins and I get a couple of hours on high. Most recently Saturday while hurricane Arthur knocked out my power.

I have this one operating at 9V in a SolarForce host with extension. It states 18V! but it is a little outdated..