Need Your Advice for Flashlight Fundraiser

I would do AA with side clicky for widest appeal and sell the batteries separately to maximize margins.

They laser engrave for Free. They have the LED AA Maglites in presentation boxes. Higher price that you want, but it's Just a thought...

What about the stainless AAA at Gearbest? Most everyone seems to like it and it would take well to laser engraving.

That mght work. I don’t much care for SS lights…but it would probably appeal to a lot of people.

Might be a little pricey…but it comes w/battery and box…and everyone knows maglite.

Wonder if they have a bulk discount?

Not sure if $5 is enough margin. If yes, the LZZ-06 will probably make them happy. Nice $5 Pregulla find. I'm not familar with the vendor. I have a few on the way.

I’ve worked with them before. Discount for volume I believe, but you would have to ask. Quality of the laser engraving was good. I think they might be a good idea, since, as you say, everyone in the US knows what a Maglite is.

Never use alkalines with LED lights.

The old incandescent bulbs gave an early warning as the voltage began to drop — by getting dimmer.
That gave the flashlight owner some reason to look at the battery — and most often catch the alkaline cell when it had only started to leak a little bit.

The alkaline cell keeps producing some electricity until the electrolytes are completely exhausted.
By that time, it will have corroded the inside of the flashlight quite thoroughly.

And with the LED emitter, that light stays crisp, white, and fairly bright all through the time the alkaline is leaking.

Don’t set them up for that.

If people can’t cope with rechargeable Ni-MH cells (Eneloops)
give then Energizer Lithium primary cells:

People who don’t know this problem just won’t check inside their flashlight often enough.

“It’s still plenty bright … what could go wrong?”

Check out the reference thread for small lights under 10$

A quick oversight of a bunch of different small cheap lights.

You have to decide between a small keychain light with AAA mostly twisty and a bigger AA light with clicky.

Don’t go with Q5, get XP-G or XP-G2, much more output for the same power and the led chips are not expensive

I disagree about the keychain light, i think an AA XP-G(2) at 1 watt so over 100 lumens for 2 hours would be a great light, with a linear boost so it dims as it runs down, and of course runs on alkaline/NiMH would be ideal.

I think a Klarus P1A would be a great light, but i don’t know if you can get it engraved, and it would cost too much.

I think SK68 is a bad idea, zoomies are not as useful as reflector lights, and have no waterproofness.


Most boost drivers are linear boost, as the battery voltage drops it dims, its hard to find a constant boost driver that keeps brightness until the battery is empty, i prefer those lights and look for them but i only know of an handful and i know of no boards you can buy (just board no light) that are constant boost, they are all linear boost.

I’d go with that little AAA light

painting: 90 percent of the cost is proper preparation
trees: 90 percent of the cost is digging a proper hole
flashlights: … the right battery/charger

how many lumens is that solitare AAA light, i am shocked by its low price if its decent lumens

I don’t think the solitaire is led

What about this light? I like the looks.

Here is a oversight of the maglite specs

A non LED solitaire has incredible 2lm…

at that scorching brightness level i may need new corneas

I got my group buy AAA in a week ago and I have to say I really like it. It’s a very usable little light, the clip is nice for a shirt pocket. On a small light like this one mode is fine and it’s plenty bright for a little AAA.

That would be my pick.

I’ve had mine a month now, I really like it, I carry it every night after I change out of my big-boy pants.

Its about 30-35 Lm, I’d get the neutral, its actually warm but I find most people who dont know anything about flashlights prefer warm, as in like 3000k (the neutral ones of these are about 3750k, the very top of “warm”). These are really nice lights, much better than the original S1’s.