Needs consultation


Can I use this drop-in

in this torch

It looks like it, but the pill on that light looks a little bit nonstandard, so I can't be sure. I don't have any Palights.

That looks not standard.So and ask advice beside guru))

I don't think so. The pill looks like a P60, but is threaded so I think it unlikely the light will take a P60 dropin.

Much sting.This torch copy surfier,but with weak light

Measurements for light
13.6 cm x 3.21 cm x 3.21 cm

187 g

Measurements for XM-L Drop in
2.65 cm x 2.65 cm x 3.84 cm

36 g

I would ask Manafont ! They seem to be very helpfull in such matters ...

Whole problem in thread

But I have written him,

easier just to buy a light with an xml