Negative DUV but high CCT >6000K emitters?

Most of the high CCT emitters I’m aware of have a green-blueish tint and a positive DUV value.

Are there any high CCT (ideally 6500K) emitters that have a negative DUV value and are therefore ‘rosy’ (or ‘violet’ or whatever the label is for high CCT negative DUV tint)?

If so, what hosts (flashlights) are they available in?

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I don’t know about individual emitters, but take a 5700 and a 6700 or higher emitter and run them together and it will give you a cooler temperature and at least lower the DUV. Might not get you to negative territory, but it will be better than either emitter on its own.

Baton 3 Pro Max has a bit negative DUV on CW version according to 1lumen review .

Pair a high CCT emitter with a driver that slightly overdrives it–the growth in the blue peak lowers the duv to negative territory. A FET driver would do, especially if it does lower modes by PWM.

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It’s a little out there but the the Luminous CFT-90 puts out 6000 lumens, is rated for 27 amps, and has a 7800K (and 6500k and 5700k) bin with negative DUV that rivals any dedomed 519a.

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Lumintop FW3A with cool white xpl-hi 6000K is exactly what you want. Lumintop uses very good bin of cool white cree xpl-hi 1A or 1D and neutral white xpl-hi 3D at 4750K. I have both in fw3a and edc18. Both are below DUV even at low current.
Cool white fw3a with xpl-hi has violet/rosy tint even under the rosy ar-coated lense. I prefer more neutral tint and wanted to replace the stock lense with more intensive rosy ar-coated one to get DUV more positive. But the last butch of fw3A seems to be glued at the head).
Same thing with NW edc18 and xpl-hi 4850K - it has slightly rosy/violent tint so I replaced stock one-piece tir optics with carclo and rose-tinted ar-coated lense to get more neutral tint without this rosy/violent stock tint.

So basically you need flashlight with cree xpl-hi 1A or 1D tint under the TIR optic to get rosy cold white light. Lumintop has models like fw3a (it is dicsontinued, so hurry up, last batch in black color has original fet+7+1 driver on aliexp) or LM10 or edc18(discontinued)

Thanks - do you need the specific bin of tintat Lumintop use - or will any XPL-HI offer that violet/rosy tint?

Do you have any recommendations for a more throwy light with the XPL-HI - all those Lumintops look very floody…?

I believe that if you will order lumintop now, it will have same xpl-hi with good tint below duv. For the neutral white they directly claim 3D tint and 4750K for xpl-hi, cool white just xpl-hi cool white but I remember somewhere was written about 1A or 1D tint.

Original fw3a with xpl-hi and narrow slightly frosted carclo tir optics is not VERY floody, just very convenient for edc and quite throwy on max or turbo, can easily hit 50m or even 70-100m.
Actually I don’t know what type of light do you need - throwers with xpl-hi 1A you can order like convoy c8+ or astrolux c8 (if they are still available). I think that convoy store and Simon can make different models with xpl-hi also Hank and his Emisar-Noctigon.
Best results without any color shifts in hotspot will be with tir or deep reflector where height is more than width, like old convoy s2 (not s2+)


Do only Lumintop specifically use a rosy tint bin of XPL-HI?

For example, if I got a Convoy S2+ with XPL-HI V2 1A emitter - would that be above BBL/positive DUV?

‘A’ and ‘D’ tints are below duv, 'B" and ‘C’ tints are above duv. See the cree’s table of tints and colours of the leds. You need A or D tints to stay below duv like cold 1A, 1D or warmer 2A 2D or neutral 3A 3D and so on.

As I wrote - better get convoy s2 or s8 instead of s2+ for best result. s2 and s8 have very deep reflector, height is twice more than diameter and due to this they produce super even and plain color beam without any tint shift in hotspot, like pebbled tir optic (by color and tint uniformity of the beam). I was surprised but xml2 3B led with cree rainbow in the hotspot in shallow s2+ reflector became uniformly purple without any tint shift in the s2 reflector.

For more negative duv ask for green-tinted ar-coating on the lense of flashlight. Or at least get clear lense. Purple or rose-tinted ar-coating increases duv, green ar-coating lower the duv.

violet you say :grin:

Is the tint shift on the S2+ going to be so bad that it turns it into positive DUV on a 1A XPL HI? Because that is looking like the only option available shipping to my country.

Or there is a Lumintop FW1A available in ‘6500K’ but the listing doesn’t specify whether it’s the XPL emitter or a Nichia 219C emitter…

NO, not at all. xpl-hi is domeless led and have minimal tint shift if any depends on optics. It ill stay below duv but hotspot may be little warmer, not much.
I just propose the best of the best solution, but s2+ reflector will be ok with xpl-hi.
For s2+ you may get tir lense, I recommend 8 degree or less to save the throw and the result will be perfect in regard to tint uniformity of the beam.

fw1a pro uses 3 volt’s variant of xhp50.2 witch tends to be greenish especially on low-medium levels and has cree rainbow in hotspot.

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I tried a nichia b35am in 6500k that was very rosy. I normally don’t go higher than 4000k or so but this made me think twice

By the way, simple fw1a in cold 6500k, not pro, will have cree xpl led (with dome, not domeless xpl-hi) witch as a rule produce yellow-green hotspot with blue spill, classical cree rainbow. Maybe this will be smoothed by quite deep reflector.

My quest so far is not going well for a high CCT, low DUV emitter flashlight.

I ordered 2x Convoy S2+ Cree XP-L HI V2 1A flashlights - one from AlexNLD and one from AliExpress. They have both arrived with SST40 6500K emitters instead…

That’s a shame, did you buy from the official convoy store? You could ask Simon to send you a replacement pill for it.

Also, you could try some 804 or minus-green filter to reduce DUV if you’re ok with the loss of some output.

Sorry, who is Simon and how do I contact him?

And what is a replacement ‘pill’ - is it the head of the flashlight with the xpl emitter and the LED driver in one combined unit?

The flashlights didn’t come from the Convoy official store on Ali Express, they came from ‘Rofis’ store.

Very disappointing. I’m trying to get a refund but no response so far - and even if refund is accepted it will involve shipping the unit back to China at my own cost - which will likely be almost the price of the unit.

Simon is the owner of convoy, you can send him a message on aliexpress on the “Convoy flashlight store” he is very helpful when a light has problems or for ordering certain emitter combinations.

The pill is the brass insert that screws into the inside of the head (with the LED and driver installed to it), on the S2+ it is relatively easy to swap, but you have to be careful so that the reflector stays aligned with the LED.

That’s probably the source of the issue, you want to absolutely make sure it is from the official convoy store next time you buy if on Aliexpress, or from a trusted reseller (gadgetconnections).

One of solution is to replace just the led in these convoys if you like them. You need led on 16-mm board (mcpcb) and re-solder two wires on it. Very simple and straight forward.

led for example here

convoy’s simon’s stote is
but i don’t see there xpl-hi 1A or 1D available now , you may ask Simon by message there.

also you may ask for partial refund, at least 5-6$ or 50% of cost wrong s2