Negative experience with NealsGadgets

Neals new customer service strategy.


I ordered a light. Got no communication after the confirmation, it shipped like 5-6 days later. Got here in about 9 days. He’s never been good at communication but I’ve never had an order not get here.

First order from Neil - 9 days from payment to door (UK).

Nice :+1:

Similar to my first order, he will ship items within a week if they are in stock however..........

........If they are not in stock despite his website stating they are you will then receive nothing for weeks only to then email and be ignored for several more weeks. If you are lucky he may contact you to inform you the item is out of stock as was the case with my second order which left me baffled as to why the item was able to be selected and paid for and why Neal didn't simply just inform me the item is out of stock rather completely ignore my communication for 3 weeks. He simply had to inform me straight away and give me some options / alternatives. When I did mange to open communication with him I asked what was in stock and chose an alternative emitter in an FW3A but still, it sat for an additional week until it was finally shipped. 5 weeks from order to door in UK.

My third order sat for around 2 weeks until it was shipped, the problem now is the supposedly brand new E07 I ordered is in worse condition than a factory second and one of the items does not fit the flashlight it was advertised to fit and so, once again I'm playing the communication game with Neal.....being ignored and ghosted.

Frankly he shouldn't be in business and should go into a non-customer service field. My third order was my last, I'm no longer doing any business with Neal until unless he completely U-turns his business model.

Ordered a copper GT micro, knowing all the difficulties with Neal decided to be patient. After 15 days, I received the information that was sent and the track number. There was silence for 25 days and the track number was not tracked. I started to lose patience, but suddenly there was an unknown track number of a parcel with a similar weight already in my country. Another week of waiting and Lumintop GTmicro is in my hands. Everything is fine, but why is it so difficult? What is a track number that is not tracked at all? It’s reassuring that PayPal gives you 180 days to open a dispute. If you have strong nerves, you can order from Neal.

Ordered Lumintop GT Nano on Oct 31. Order status still shows it hasn’t shipped and Neal hasn’t replied to my emails

Be patient… it will come

Well, no response from my email to Neal but I just got an email that my order shipped. Just shy of a month after I ordered :slight_smile:

I wonder if there are any other sellers who have the same selection of lights who have better customer service…

That’s the tough part. Banggood isn’t really any better. For now my goal is to order from the brands directly on aliexpress, or somewhere domestic. Not that I’m wanting for lights at the moment, other than maybe some Emisar/Noctigons…

I donno Banggood has been pretty spot on for deliveries of my items ordered and the rare few times they sent the wrong variation of the product I ordered once notified they shipped out the order again at no cost to me and keeping the wrong variation as an apology.

I ordered a Jetbeam mini one on July 3rd 2020 from Banggood, which never arrived and I am not sure ever actually shipped. Long story short, after a lot of back and forth they finally agreed to a refund on 11/25/2020 - just short of 6 months later.


Is it normal to receive the same tracking number via SMS and email, but the shipper is different company from the other? Of course the tracking number doesn’t work on both shippers’ sites.

SMS- Shipper A
Email- Shipper B

Not sure I understand what’s happening.

Maybe Neal’s overwhelmed. Maybe he’s a nice guy trying to earn a living to feed his family. However, there are proper ways to handle this: wind up the business, hire help etc etc.

I actually just got the Jetbeam - pretty sweet! I wish there was a way to lock it so it can’t turn on accidentally but to qualify that statement, that’s never happened :slight_smile: I love having Red, Green, Blue, and UV

There is a way to lock it. Tripple click to turn on the UV led, then press and hold the button until it starts blinking. Unlock by pressing and holding the button.

Wow dude thanks. I even looked on Jetbeam’s website to see if there were instructions on how to lock. I just figured it didn’t have that feature

update to the shipping fiasco:

there are 3 shipper names being provided, all with the same tracking number :person_facepalming:

SMS - Shipper A
Email - Shipper B
Order Summary Page link - Shipper C

Sounds like a mess. At least the tracking number now works when selecting Shipper C at :weary:

Speaking with a friend who works with importing products from China to the US, how I understand the process is this:

Since the flights have been reduced significantly, most freight travels by ship to the States. In order to keep costs down, these smaller packages are sent via bulk shipper, then forwarded to a local Stateside warehouse/hub/contact, relabeled with USPS tags, and then makes the last mile to your doorstep. This is why there are fragmented tracking numbers because the package passes between multiple carriers. It confused the heck out of me the first time I ordered from Neal.

The light from Neals finally arrived. It was the wrong Lumintop EDC18 LED. Ordered SST20, but received Nichia 219C. Yep, I’ve opened up to check. Unmistakeable look of the 219, looks very similar to a Jaxman E2 Nichia 219B. :person_facepalming:

Oh yeah, no magnet for the copper EDC18, because it’s too heavy :weary:

Initially, it failed to light up. After cleaning the contact points with some lighter fluid, the light finally worked. :laughing:

EDIT: I just found out that the copper EDC18 is supposed to come with a vacuum seal to prevent patina out of box. My light didn’t come in this vacuum seal and is simply exposed. When considered in isolation, each of these small incidents can be forgiven, however, when all these occur at the same time, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

a) inconsistent tracking information
b) shipping incorrect LED (i.e. wrong product)
c) product missing part of original packaging