Negative feedback

I left my first negative feedback on eBay today.

The seller never sent the item, and didn't treat me with respect, so once I got my money back, I stated the truth in feedback.

I'm sick of sellers jerking me around, and I like the idea of warning other eBayers of bad eBayers.

From now on, as long as there doesn't seem to be a downside for me, I will leave negative feedback for sellers on any website that deserve it.

I used to be content just getting my money back, but no longer.

/rant over

Just ONE item you bought with negative feedback? In what amount of time - like 2 months? You really got lucky then… I had to give negative feedback several times a year:

- Seller never shipped item

- Wrong item received (wrong pictures/description)

  • Number of items wrong (less/fewer received)

All of this happens all the time to me, about 8-10% of my shipments via ebay are complete chaos, regardless where the seller is from (local/overseas).

AliExpress tends to be more problematic.

Frankly, only the big Asian shippers (bg/gb/ft) are more positive for me.

Strange RC, I had to do the same thing just today. It was just a small item, less than $10. US seller provided a bogus tracking number and the promised delivery date was missed by a week. I overlooked the tracking number as maybe a clerical error but, when my message went unanswered after a few days I opened a claim. Just got the money refunded today and left my negative feedback. Three hours later I get a message wanting to know why I left negative feedback when I got my money back. I just shook my head, didn’t even respond, just forwarded it to Ebay.

Only the third problem I have ever had on ebay through the 10 plus years I have been using it. Even back when most every ad was an actual auction.

Even the sellers on Amazon have gotten negative feedback from me. Not because they did anything wrong. Amazon was their problem. Not shipping and claiming items as undeliverable. The sellers were angry because they got negative feedback for a problem that they didn’t create. I explained that maybe they should take that up with the company that charges them to stock, pack, and ship their products. Amazon is way too big now to care about a few pissed off sellers and customers so, I doubt anything will ever be done. They just don’t get my money anymore either.

I have left one negative feedback in 21 years.

I should have left a lot more, but at the time all I cared about was getting my money back, which I almost always did.

I think I lost money on eBay once many years ago.

I used to be worried about receiving negative feedback, which used to be possible for eBay buyers.

I also remember when buyers could get negative feedback - glad they disabled that. What is the buyer going to do except buy/pay and wait?

Can’t remember how often I lost money on ebay, it surely amounts to a lot in 10+ years. Buyer protection only helps in some cases or when there is obvious fraud. When the package was shipped and the weight matches (I don’t believe anybody at PP/ebay actually checks for weight anyhow) there may be cases when the decision will be made against the buyer.

Good for you RC,Stand up for yourself! About 25 years ago a Native American friend taught me how to be ASSERTIVE! I became an expert at it!

Sometimes I am too honest and direct,that is unlikely to change, even though it has caused some problems on here, CPF and in some relationships.

The average Joe does NOT want to take a look at himself and when we point those defect of characters out, they naturally get defensive and rebel,although that is not everyone. I have numerous friends who are spiritual and in 12 step programs that can handle constructive criticism.

I read people and behaviors very well. What is consistent and amazing to me is that when people are unresponsive, and then you tell them something they do not want to hear[Basically had enough of their BS], they seem to respond IMMEDIATELY! Where were they the last Three or Four emails?!

As far as filing claims,I have done it ~5 times. Probably Three of those on Ebay.

When people are unreasonable, I have to ask myself, “Is it really worth it”.Basically it boils down to Two choices,Ignore them and move on OR fight for what I believe in. :sunglasses:

Yep, time and time again. And usually they only respond with why they couldn’t answer at once… the original question remains unanswered.

EXACTLY! I forgot to ad this. A lot of times People ONLY respond to what they want to respond to,leaving out the most important[usually original] question!

When they do that, it is obviously avoidance and is called Control and manipulation of the truth! :smiling_imp:

some buyers just take the piss & want freebies by claiming the item never arrived,( I know some people who does this ) I always send with tracking ,

But those cases should be easy to find out, ebay can see how often somebody claims something. Same the other way round, if a seller has an absurd amount of “lost” or “wrong” deliveries, they could do something.
In most cases they just won’t do anything and as a middleman, they won’t always know what actually happened. Some packages really do get lost. There must be some kind of bermuda triangle for lost packages that sucks everything into a black hole… somewhere out there…

eBay is a lot better about that than they used to be. It used to be that scummy sellers would leave retaliatory negative feedback to buyers who they screwed over.

Gunbroker is still like that. I had a guy who sold me a hand guard last year for an AK. It was made out of bakelite and usually when people buy this sort of thing, you want the color to match what’s already on your rifle. He sent a different one than in his photo despite saying the auction was for the one pictured. When I asked him to take it back and send a refund, he initially said he would, but only refunded part of the total, not the shipping. Then he initiated an unpaid item claim with Gunbroker against my account! After giving him a chance to make it right, I thought that deserved a “D” rating, and explained the reasons in my feedback. He retaliated with and “F” rating for me and said in his comment that “buyer needs to ask questions before bidding,” as if I’m supposed to ask him if everything he wrote in his auction is true or a lie. When I contacted GB Support, they didn’t care and only resolved to change the feedback on my account from a “F” to a “D” and remove the profanity that the seller wrote. That seller has dozens of negative ratings all giving the same type of feedback and is still active on that site, BTW. His average rating is “A+.”

FWIW, eBay sellers aren't able to leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers

Amen WD!!! I think this is true 99.999% of the time. :+1:

I was scammed by a buyer once, sent a brand new sealed xbox game, the buyer then said the item was scratched and didn’t work, I told them to return it to me and I would refund them….then when I got the game back it was an obviously pre owned and scratched beyond belief disc that the buyer switched with the new one I sent, so I was screwed, ebay/paypal refused to listen to me, so it can go both ways, trust me I wish they still had negs for buyers.