Neutral Quarks

Not budget, but if you like a nice quality neutral light, 4Sevens has introduced neutral versions of the Quark X lights and reintroduced some Quark XP-G, MiNi, and Preon lights in neutral. Flashaholics scream for these, but 4Sevens has been resisting because they say they can't sell very many. No official announcement yet and I'm not sure what tints or flux bins they are using. They are saying 7% less bright, which is one bin.

I'm sure they'll be nice, but I won't buy one due to many issues I have with 4Sevens including, but not limited to, lack of communication with the customers who put them on the map.

If you want one, get it now. They probably won't be around long.

I really love those lights, but honestly if I bought a $60-70 dollar light I would be afraid to use for fear of loosing it or damaging it.

I love the idea of the tactical models, but the preflash kills it for me. They've had years to fix that and nothing (though apparently the turbo model doesn't have it; not sure about the Quark X line).

I agree about communication . . . just a month or so ago they were saying it wasn't likely they would do any neutrals. They had to have ordered their LED's while they were saying that. Don't know why they've shut off communication, though there are definitely a lot of inconsolable whiners at their CPF forum that I wouldn't want to have to deal with.

I also don't like that they seem to have gotten away from ANSI testing and no longer even tell you what flux or tint bins they are using. Certainly they know what they are getting from Cree, so it bugs me that they won't say. Maybe they are ordering in such quantities that Cree can't give them all the same bin. Nor will they talk about their Olight partnership.

Didn't mean for this to become a 4Sevens bashing thread . . . I do think introducing 12 models in neutrals including both XP-G and XM-L lights is a very positive step.

Finally! I have been drooling over a Preon2 in neutral white for MONTHS. Just ordered one and can't wait to get it :D

I may be EDCing two lights now.