Neutral XML led at China Quality Goods

Saw these today, neutral xml t6 on star $9.50. doubt if they are actually t6 maybe t5 brightness hopefully no lower. also not clear what size star they are on as advert shows two sizes! one to keep an eye on. sorry this phone doesnt do links but a search should bring them up.

xm-l t6 3c does exist, it's 5000K so cool side of neutral white

cutter has them too

maybe you can choose the sice of star, ask ric

Yes is it possible for them to be 3c t6 sorry for my scepticism. As cutter charges $11.62 plus postage and these are under $10 with postage you can understand my thoughts. who is ric please?

Ric is the seller from cnquality.

You can contact him on msn/mail: