New 1xAA from XTAR: WK50

Just stumbled over this. It's a 1xAA XP-G R5 rated 150 lumens max, nothing spectacular, but in these color they'll make great girlfriend-gift-lights

Would prefer XP-G2 though, but 150 lumens should be more than enough light for the average user. A really low low-mode and memory is nice too.

It would be useful to know if they have a forward or reverse clicky.

XTAR 150LM 4 mode Mini Flashlight WK50

ANSI Illumination levels: Extremely High Mid Moonlight
Luminance: 150Lm 80Lm 30Lm 3Lm
Duration: 1.2h 2h 6h 80h
Max Range : 75m
Max Intensity: 1420cd
Impact Resistance: 1.5m
Water Resistance: IPX8 ( underwater 0.5m)
Working Voltage: 0.9~1.8V
Battery: 1x AA(Alkaline, Ni-MH)
Switch: Tailcap switch
Size: Ø 20.5mm
Head diax Ø 17.5mmBody diax 92.5mmlength

Net Weight : 31g
Excluded battery

Hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Additional Functions: Memory function

Package contents: flashlight, lanyard, extra o-ring, manual, warranty card.

Edit: I just did a google search on xtar wk50 and the first result is this thread, 15 minutes after I've created it. How impressive is that?

Reckon it can run on 14500? Push out more lumens??

It says working voltage 0.9 - 1.8 V so I think a 14500 would fry it

This looks great - where is it sold (yet) and what is the price? No clip?

Also (sorry if threadjacking):

- What is the the brightest single AA out there?

  • What is the smallest single AA out there? This one seems a bit long at 92mm if an AA is 50mm.

Interesting, beautiful gift for xmas.
Any info for MSRP?

Cool! Might grab a couple if it’s not too ex!

Sorry, I don't know anything about price or availability yet...

Chilipepr, I'm 90% certain that the brightest 1xAA is a Zebralight, but I don't recall which model.

I think 92 mm length is ok for a 1xAA, there are many lights that are longer. My Romisen RC-G2 is 108 mm in length, a Klarus P1A would be 105 mm.

Nice, those 4 modes!
Not many lights have that!

Looks like a solid light. Modes are nice. If top mode was 200 it would be perfect. Definitely curious what pricing will be.

Great looking light. Love the modes and body design.

Thanks to the quick response from Xtar customer service, I can give you a few more details now:

Nice! Thank you for sharing the information.

Hmmmm… always thought fwd clicky with multiple modes is akward. I could probably overlook this flaw if dealers sell them for $15-$20. Definitely like the overall design.

I'm with you on this one. Reverse clicky would be more practical, or forward clicky + head twist for mode switching. Like you said this could be tolerated if the price is low enough, it seems to be a very nice light otherwise. Maybe they could offer a reverse clicky as a replacement part.

I'd be surpised if the price drops below ~27 USD though, considering Xtar's general build quality.

I would be up for an add-on switch.

27 is too high IMO. Especially when you can get a Crelant v11a xml for 32, or a Balder se-1 for about 30, etc… The low 30 range has some tough competition!

Wk50 should be 20 - 25 tops, if they really want to corner the “oohh its pretty and pink!” market. :slight_smile:

xtar is more known then both Crelant and Balder so given their proven name 30 isnt bad

Nice, I really like AA only lights.

You will find they are brighter than AA/14500 lights when both are running on AA.

So this is the market they are after rather than the 14500 users with half assed output for those that only use AA.

AA vs 14500 output is a fair point ezarc. I didn’t really intend to throw out two AA/14500 lights. They were just best bang for buck models that came to mind. I’m struggling to think of a comparably priced, similar performance [in theory], quality AA only light. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than myself will provide some examples.

I also get the point about name recognition… But personally I don’t follow such logic with my own purchases. While a good name never hurts, I believe the product should stand on its own. Sometimes not-so well-known names are great buys.

The “oohh its pretty pink” market I was referring to doesn’t know any flashlight brand names. Lets be honest. BUT they may have some basic perception of what looks decent quality versus obvious junk. The WK50 looks pretty solid so far.

I mean its a pretty good price for a 4 mode light with a nice 3 lm low with 80 hrs runtime and has a memory feature

Which means either I have to turn it off and on just to change mode, or change mode using momentary before turning on the light! Nah……this is troublesome. I would prefer reverse clicky. :frowning: