New 21700 compact thrower from Manker - Chump or Champ.. ?

Is it me, or do I not find any info about this new light around the BLF (or anywhere else relevant for that matter actually) ?

It's the recently revised Manker U22 II featuring the nice 1mm Osram Flat White KW CSLNM1.TG and throwing just above the 1Km mark

Seems like a nice new light (other than the Manker basic UI that I totally hate that is.. )

Welcome everyone! Which do you think is the better thrower, which has a more complex midfield? Is lumintop gt mini nm1 or manker u22 II nm1?

Hmm, I can't exactly remember the difference in beams between the two as I've sold my U22 II, but the important thing is that the GT Mini for one uses an 18650 cell and secondly, it has a FET + 1 linear driver..

Melyiknek volt összetettebb a közép fénye? Te szerinted melyik volt a jobb lámpa?

Where’s the discount coupon ?

Manker is better — more useful beam.

Thanks for the tip! :+1: