New 2xAA or 4xAA light to replace fenix ld20

So I’d like to replace my ld20 as its tailswitch is starting to act up, it doesn’t sometime come on and the lock ring is stuck so it cannot even be disassembled. I’m looking for 2x or 4xAA light because I have plenty of eneloops and LADDA:s. Optimal would be neutral white emitter and “in-between” beam profile, not too throwy but not too wide either. About 40 euros or under? I looked about sofirn sf13 but somehow aliexpress they won’t accept paypal. I’m located in europe if that helps…

Zanflare F2 ? 2xAA XP-G2, approximatively same size as Fenix LD20, but much cheaper (10 bucks at Gearbest).
The 4500-5000K version has IMHO a nice tint. Lot of reviews of this flashlight can be found here on BLF site

Lumintop Tool 25 ? 2xAA, comes with a XP-L or a Nichia 219 led.
BLF review here.

Sofirn SF13 ? 2xAA, approximatively same size as Fenix LD20.
BLF review here.

Thanks, these seem interesting. What about Jaxman M2? That also seems to have a neutral tint but I didn’t find any runtime info with eneloops about it.

Jaxman M2 has never been on my wishlist. If i remember it well (the light is a tad older), it’s because it has a bigger head than the three other ones, and I wanted a thinner, pocketable 2xAA. Maybe for this reason (bigger head), it seems that many people who bought it have changed the led. And perphaps they have done this modding before measuring the runtimes of the original version ?

The M2 is not really a pocket light… But, it is a very good light! You might want to look at the Lumintop offerings.

Thorfire TK4A, and there’s a Sofirn twin.

4×AA tomato-paste-can light, ~1000 lemons.

Think the Thrunite TN4A is similar if not a twin as well.


Are you sure you’re turning the lock ring the right way? Many of them are reverse thread.

I have the zanflare F2 and it is underpowered… Only 200 lumens. I would not recommend it. I hate it. I prefer the klarus p2a or jetbeam ba20 (270lumens)

Or any other which gives more output

Nope, not opening no matter what direction trying. Had it in a vice and turned with full force until the needlenose pliers started to slip…

Too bad, hate to lose a light over a $1 worth of parts.

Interested in this discussion. I used to use my Fenix L2Tv2 a LOT but not so much anymore. The Lumintops are out for me because I abhor last mode memory. The Jaxman M2, which I own, is a great general purpose 2AA light but as mentioned is not pocket friendly.

I am looking at some the Eagtac options right now, but the new Quark looks really nice. Just no budget for that expensive of a 2AA light for me…

Nothing on the TK4A? Nice light that eats 4 AAs at a time…

I got a Nitecore MT20a. It’s very similar, a hint girthier, then my Fenix LD20. It’s right on the budget, similar beam, maybe a hint throwier. It has a rear clicky but also a side switch and an integrated red LED for night stuff.

If you don’t want the red LED the nitecore MT2a is a little leaner.

Also, a great, budget, not to tactical 2xAA light is the Lumintop Tool25, which is super simple and probably brighter and smaller than both, but more flood than both as well.

Now looked some reviews and this also looks really good… Anywhere this can be bought ? Couldn’t really found any store with google with it in-stock. I just don’t know the places where to look :person_facepalming:

Haven’t looked offhand. Tried GB abd BG, no joy.

Okay, so the Sofirn SF11, ? Dunno if there’s an or anything…

if you can’t find the 4xaa thorfire maybe try the 4xaa nitecore EA45S

It is at banggood at 32€

Here is the link

I have had the sofirn sf11 for several months and find it to be excellent. I use it for walking and the double click to strobe is excellent for crossing streets. I’ve had vehicles stop at crosswalks where normally they blow through. It has a decent throw and also a good spill and lots of light.

The “moonlight” is a bit bright for preserving night vision inside the house but I don’t use it for that anyway.

I’m using rechargeable 2450 mah batteries in it.


How about regulation? Does it produce constant output during all the runtime? I mean… The circuitry does pull more amps as the voltage goes down to maintain constant brightness??

Any review with graphics showing that?