New 3A Mobile Power Supply

Well I bought this new one on the market:\_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

And populated it with 6 Panasonic cells all charged up, it charges my tab fine like the others but no dice with my Durabook which requires 20v 3.25A (according to the adaptor) and this unit should support that? When I set the switch to 19v and hit the button it flashes 12.1 and then thats it. Tried on 21v too, still nothing. There is an activation button on the front (similar to other units) and another button which I don’t have a clue what that does (something to do with voltage I think)

The laptop in question doesn’t run at all on battery (totally dead) but runs perfectly off mains, could that be it? Unfortunately don’t have the tip for my DELL

Any ideas appreciated

No idea what could be wrong, but sure is a nice looking battery pack. 6 X 3400’s would be pretty sweet.

If you’re plugging the box into the same port as you would do with the AC adapter I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if the volts/amps/watts are correctly set and the box is OK. 65W limit is same as your spec and should be good for most laptops - at 19v the 3.3 amp limit is only a little low at 62.7W.

Could the charging circuit in the laptop just be really picky about the voltage?

That’s a pretty cool battery bank, I haven’t seen one until now.

There are two things that come into mind:

1. On my 4x 18650 bank, the activation button turns the unit on. If I insert the cells and press the power button, only the power LED lights up momentarily. If I want to deliever power to the USB output, I need to press the activation button. You might want to try that.

2. Is it possible the laptop is pulling more than tha rated current? On the description page, it says 16-24V 1.5A, so 3.25A might be a tad too much for the box. Maybe you can try shutting the laptop off with a full battery charge to minimize current draw from the input and using the box?
Edit: just saw that your laptop batteries were dead. Is there a way you can check if the laptop is getting power from the jack, such as a charging indication LED?
Edit: Sorry, 1.5A is for the input, my bad.

Remove the battery from the laptop and see if the external pack will turn on the power light of the laptop, this is then simulating a power source, then try turning the laptop on, if it still don’t work try using a volt meter to test the output voltage of the external power pack.

These units do work , a while back I was selling similar units.


It works fine but for some reason I have to set it to 9V on the usb side for the laptop to startup. If its set to 7V for example the indicator light on the laptop lights up but then goes dim after a few seconds. When I did the initial testing I had used it to charge my galaxy tab (5V) which is why their was no response whatsoever.

Since the laptop is powered by the dc cable, I don’t get why the usb setting would be significant? Its a 20v laptop and had the dc set to 19v.


EDIT: Just one question for you guys, what is the best way to get all 6 cells charged as fast as possible? I mean what spec adaptor? Right now I insert the cells already charged. Thanks