NEW!! ACEBEAM X50 High CRI95 LED Photography Fill Light


The color rendering index (CRI) of a flashlight is the measure of the light’s ability to reveal an object’s true colors, or rather what a user would see when using a natural light source. If you are a Photographer, Mechanic, an EMT, or someone who’s job requires the ability to see “real” colors, having a light source with a high CRI rating is vital to your success.

Acebeam just released the X50 high CRI95 Flashight with 20,000Lumens output, 1.8 hours fast charge, and can be used as a power bank. It is the best to incorporate the X50 High CRI95 flashlight into your tool box.

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The Acebeam X50 has set the new standards for search lights. This X50 is powered by the customized Li-ion battery pack,which is built-in intelligent adaptive charging with USB Type-C charging port you can fast and full charge the Acebeam X50 in 1.8 hours and discharging function as a power bank with a max power of 36W and protocols of QC3.0 & PD3.0. The X50 is capable of producing 40,000lumens and a maximum beam visibility of 800meters (2625 feet). Added features include a standard tripod socket, single stainless steel switch activation, and mechanical safe lock function. The beam angle is up to 120 degrees, if you need to search a large area ,farm or warehouse, you can hold the torch in your hand with the ergonomically designed handle. This highly recommended Acebeam X50 multipurpose handheld searchlight is perfect for security guards, farmers, and search and rescue teams.


Each XHP-70.2 chip puts out 5000 lumens?

And the battery pack has the output of 2.5 5000mAh 21700s?
The battery voltage is strange, 3S li ion would be 11.1V and not 10.8V

Utilizes 8 x CREE XHP70.2 LEDs with a max output of 40,000lumens
Maximum beam intensity of 160,000 and maximum throw of 800 meters

I like this configuration. I think this is going to be my seventh Acebeam light. I look forward to seeing a size comparison picture. This light will go very nicely with my Acebeam X45 that I have used regularly for more than a few years. I like large dedicated throwers, large power throwers, and large flooders, and the same in medium and small sizes too.

I like to charge the cells on an external charger and look at the amps and volts and I know that I can try different cells, and all that good stuff, and I do with that with most of my flashlights. Sometimes I am in the mood to just plug and chug, and not mess with the cells, and I’ve got a few high powered flashlights where I don’t have to worry about the spring loosing its temper and having a poor connection, because the connections are factory soldered.

3.6V in series is 10.8V.

I like this…but I’m questioning whether or not that 800m rating is accurate. 5000mah cells would’ve been better but I guess the 50S just doesn’t wanna be in stock. Also, considering that the XHP70.3 is almost out it doesn’t make sense for one to spend so much on a flashlight only to have it be outdated in a couple months.

Edit: Holy crap I just looked at the weight. 690g without batteries :open_mouth: Looks like it won’t be going in any pockets. I think the weight just defeats the purpose of making it compact. Might as well make it bigger or add another cell if it’s going to be that heavy.

It has 8-Cree XHP-70.2’s, 3-5000mah cells can’t push that current load. Molicel INR21700-P42A 4200mAh and it’s 40-45 amp rated. Molicel also list its nominal voltage as 3.6v hence maybe the 10.8v listing. Playing with the Cree Tools it’s going to take 20 amps at 12.2 volts just to get 35,000 lumens with the highest bin. Good electronics and Acebeam can probably do it, but not for long. You’re looking at probably close to 300 watts that’s what 690 grams of mass is helping with. But I’m guessing with this flashlights mass it’ll probably settle down to about 6,000 lumens after the thermal sensor does it’s job.

The problem with these throw rating is that they’re measured at peak output. Once the temp regulation kicks in it will stay in Med2, 6,500lm 30,625cd 350 meters, as seen in the runtime figures.

Love Acebeam, but this will probably be $350. I doubt 800 m out of the small reflector xhp70.2. Might meet the lumen rating, but for maybe 1-2 seconds?

That handle is not very attractive.

Just take for example the Lumintop BLF GT4 with four cree XHP70.2 that makes over 30 000 lumens output. Budgetlightforum Giga Thrower 4 25,000 Lumen Flashlight - YouTube
But yeah it is a heavy flashlight.

3х21700? 4x21700 would be better. flashlight is already quite large, mak8ng it little bit large should seriously improve runtime in higher modes

i really like acebeam stuff, really. but 40000 in such size rise question of photoblitz turbo

3х21700? 4x21700 would be better. flashlight is already quite large, mak8ng it little bit large should seriously improve runtime in higher modes

i really like acebeam stuff, really. but 40000 in such size rise question of photoblitz turbo

Acebeam X50

! !

Acebeam X80-GT

Acebeam X50

how long turbo last ?

Step down to lower output after 1 minute.