New and excited

I am new to the led flashlight market and have ordered a few lights but unfortunately i have caught some kind of bug that will not let me stop buying flashlights.

Sounds like you found the place where this is normal. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:

get out while you can!

all part of the normal flashaholic’s UI.


haha a feature, i have a new excuse for the wife.

If you get the wife hooked too then you’re golden. :bigsmile:

^ Good luck on that one. Has anyone ever in the history of BLF accomplished that?

Welcome aboard downlinx. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Welcome, downlinx!

My wife got hooked on e-ciggies so at least we share some of the same batteries and chargers and we both place orders from Fasttech.

My wife enjoys seeing me enjoy the flashlights so it’s almost as good as getting her hooked. In some ways better.

We’re all addicted here, you’ll fit right in!
Welcome to BLF! :party:

That’s how I know I married the right woman. Well, one of the ways I know. She says she likes seeing me excited like a little kid on Christmas every time I open a package. It probably doesn’t hurt that I say “make sure to buy something nice for you, too.”

You're going to love it here, downlinx!