New Big Head Side Switch Thrower (maybe Host for modding)

Update 2/12/2013
From LinusHofmann post #68

Working on putting together a first look and teardown thread right away.
I haven’t taken it apart fully yet but so far I’m really pleased with the machining and feel of the light. It’s solid and feels great in the hand.

A few observations. (from the outside only + front bezel screwed off to check on reflector and lens)

-I got mine from Shenzhen wholesale and it’s an unbranded model just as the pictures show. I really like the form factor.
-Nice machining and flawless anodizing in a great gunmetal grey colour. Sweet Smile
-Well machined threads with a small amount of grease already applied, goes together smooothly.
-Good news on the lens and reflector, they are glass and Aluminium respectively. The reflector is very smooth and very clean and very big. No complaints at all, it’s a positive surprise!
-The UI with the sideswitch is High/Low(Visible PWM)/Off with a hidden strobe on a long press. Sounds very much like the standard SRK driver to me (don’t have one but from what I hear).
-It’s not as bright as it should be but looks decently driven for a stock light. Room for improvement definitely.
-The beam profile and hotspot shape is a bit disappointing. The emitter is perfectly centered but has a rather thick centering ring around it which means it’s not sitting very deep in the reflector. Again room for improvement here. Haven’t tested it outside yet but I don’t think this emitter focus is optimal even for a dedicated thrower.


Update 22/11/2013
Now available @KD

180mm 75mm 48mm
US$25.18+ Shipping


add… maybe interesting!

Man I would LOVE to see that with a dedomed U2 driven at like 5 amps. Really like that setup!

Too bad I have to save for a new phone, or I’d do it. :confused:

The first one looks like a great host and cheap. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fat, 3*18650 setup. Yes, run-times would be great for that kind of setup. I guess I am ok with that setup in a BTU, but for a single emitter, it’s overkill IMHO.

:love: That thrower with a side switch! :love:

So much have been done right! Who is pulling the trigger??

TK70 clone with 4 batteries, and 5 large reflectors.. like!

That third light is nice too. Sold here

Yes but the head is so large it need a fat body. Long runtime flashlight are the most important part for important tasks IMO, nothing worst than getting out of battery in the dark in middle of nowhere.
Very good find ! Good to see the market evolving.

With such a large head it would look stupid with a single 18650 (IMO) There are already alternatives using single 26650.. There are countless of toilet plunger style lights.

Triple 18650 fatty thrower is something missing in the budget world. (although it may not be super budget after shipping. Shipping are rarely cheap from sites like that.)

I sent a product request to WB, hoping they are able to track it down and get it in stock. Id guess chances of them getting it are fairly small considering that there is no brand name on it or anything. Fingers crossed though..

Oh that host looks awesome!
And it almost looks like the pill is machined straight into the head, that would be great.

Was very close to getting it but lack of paypal payment option and unknown shipping cost is putting me off. I put in an order request anyway to see how much the shipping would be.

Hopefully one of the regular sites will pick this one up!
I prefer a thicker shorter flashlight for 3x 18650 config, not a huge fan of the long “toilet plunger” format so this is ideal :slight_smile:

Please share once you get a reply. :)

Sure thing

+1 :wink:

+1. Looks like it will be a good starting point

i’ve ordered from here their communication and packing is very good, they use paypal and registered SG shipping. i think a shipment of that weight might be less than $12

I’ll be ordering one :slight_smile:

Edit: I placed a order for one but I did not see a PayPal/credit card option unless they email a invoice to you ?


Meh… not too crazy about the way they conducting business.
surely they have one of the best prices I’ve seen for lights, but when you want to pay it, you have to wait for their e-mail regarding shipping… I’d ordered once from them before, but never get the e-mail back regarding the shipping quote.
e-mailed them twice and the only reply I got was “sorry for the delay we’ll have our sales contact you” ( huh?)
I gave up ordering from them.
I rather pay more at other places than hassle with their stupid system.

Placed an order as well. Actually, ordered two. Mentioned in the comments I’d like to pay via PayPal. We’ll see how it goes.

Considering I have a number of Noctigons and drivers on their way to me, I am thinking of building two throwers - one XP-G2 and the other XM-L2. The former, possibly run at around 4.2A (using a resistor modded LD-29 driver) and the latter, around ±5A.

The more I look at it the more I think that light/host is just about my perfect thrower setup.
Provided the reflector is aluminum and it’s decently machined and put together everything else seems spot on.

Although I’m always a little put off when manufacturers show lights in product photos that have obvious anodizing chips and wear marks.
I always think if that’s the pick of the litter used to sell the light, how bad must the average quality really be :stuck_out_tongue:

Shipping from them will be at least $15 although I really like the first one.

i think i placed a order before but never got a response on how to pay, i think it was for the trustfire X2 light but ill post if i get a response back or not

I have bought from them before and their shipping was high but the light did show up and was not too bad as far as shipping time went. You do have to look pretty hard to find a deal on their site after you factor in shipping. They also don’t really give you a break on shipping for buying more lights. I thought that they could at least toss in free shipping on a small light if I bought a big one but they don’t even do that.