New BLF icon offered here

I have been making high-quality svg icons for my site these last few days. For fun, I also made a new one for BLF. If SB wants it, the download link is below. Let me know what you guys think! The trick is making it look good crammed into a tiny favorites list. I think I did well.

Looks pretty good!

Congrats on 1111 posts!


How about white text on a dark blue background?

Thanks for the feedback. Yea, wow 1111. Now 1112.

please no!
in iconography it goes downhill.
that orientation is even wrong for ties.

Haha, ok, I straightened it.

Or more traditional:

Ok, I noticed the hundreds of views and only a few comments. I think change is not wanted. I finalized the traditional one, and will leave it at that.
So why change at all if it looks like the old one?…

  1. The new one is infinite resolution, way beyond HD and UHD.
  2. The existing one on BLF appears to be a Google image grab, which means it’s due for a change.


Download link:

Hi Joshk (and everyone else)!

Wow, thanks for sharing your design, I really appreciate it.

The current favicon was actually created from scratch by myself, with all of my awe-inspiring lack of artistic talent. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just a starburst or flare effect, one of the ones built into GIMP. Or maybe it’s called “supernova” effect, I can’t remember anymore. But I happen to like the current one because it’s “bursty”, as though somebody were shining a light in your face.

Thanks for the appreciation SB. Adding a burst is sure possible, but I should get back to priorities. So if anyone wants to download the Inkscape file below and continue work, you sure can.
I relinquish copyright or whatnot to the BLF community.
Inkscape SVG download

Awesome, thanks a lot Joshk!