new budget knife :

Okay gang I am going to try again to post I hope it works because it really a nice budget blade.

fixed for ya

Was it any good when it arrived ?
The link and comments in the other thread suggested it may be a copy ?

posts 15 thru 18

I ordered this knife of 8/1/ and received it on 9/11, I bought it hoping it 2 as made out of D2 tool steel, more on that later
This is the packaging it came in:
Here is a you can see its a fairly large knife with a deep belly

When I finally opened the packaging I was immediately impressed with its build but the blade was barley sharp a butter knife, no problem I figured I could sharpen it myself with Gatco kit and this was the down side , it definitely not D2 tool steel it sharpened like my 440C budget blades UT I have to admit it took a flat edge @22° really well and this blade got scary sharp and made it look like I knew what I was doing.!
You can see this knife has brass washers .
My overall impression is it is a really well built knife with great lock up with zero play I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t made made out D2 tool steel , but it fits great in the hand and locks up and is built like a vault but it is one of the best budget blades I ha e found under 20.0p $
I k own I probably made a few mistakes but Iam desperately trying to get up to speed on down loading pictures on my Android .Thanks all for being patient and reading.

I wish I had more than what I have done with my android.

Nice looking knife i would get one but Ali does not use paypal and wants my CC details, not no but HELL NO!!!

I didn’t buy from there for ages because of that.
But sometimes either the price is too good to pass up or you just can’t get something elsewhere.
I finally bought from there for one of the above reasons
No problems

Bought quite a few things now and never any problems
Just choose which seller’s u use, just as u would for any purchase and pay by credit card or debit card for added protection
Although I don’t think the seller gets your money until you tell aliexpress your happy or until a certain period of time has elapsed ( aliexpress give you plenty of emails regarding that period as the end date approaches)

Had any problems, I have however believe it or not had paypal freeze my account until I called 1800# and spoke to a rep who told me some how someone from Indonesia gained access to my account so once I verified e everything they restated my account out I never had such an issue with Aliexpress

I didn’t mean to pass you by yes the knife showed up in great shape and I do believe it is a clone but a damn fine one .

I do like the SanRenMu knives and have a dozen or so, I really like the Ganzo knives and tend to buy 3-4 of each model i like and give them as gifts.

The Bee/Elan knives are good except for there Axis lock models which suck goat balls, Avoid Avoid Avoid them, I bought 3 different models of there axis lock knives at the same time, all 3 where very bad the finish on the axis lock bar was rough and unfinished the spring was way to strong and the finger studs have slots in them which managed to cut my finger tip and thumb. Never had a knife cut me before without using the blade edge. The special tools required to disassemble Bee/Elan knives pivots are a pain to but i have bought a set from for my frame lock Bee/Elan knives. If you want a Axis lock knife get a Ganzo one works perfectly not reworking special tools or getting PO’ed. For those that maybe interested it the Bee/Elan pivot tools urls below.

not cheap but i do have a crap load of the Enlan EL01 in all its versions and buy Enlan Bee EM01 by the case as gifts.
is that seller regarded as a good one ? 99% and 2 diamonds ? if so i may take a punt.

I to have bought several, about 15, times from AliExpress, the system they use is very good and I’ve only had one item go astray, my money was returned within 48hrs of submitting a claim.

AliExpress are an enormous concern and your details never get out to the vendor.

There are a lot of knife “bargains” on there, fakes mostly but the way I look at it is that you are getting your money’s worth, the sub $20 knives I’ve bought from there have been very good quality and very usable knives.

As for Exduct, the prices are just too high now, once they were excellent. I buy mostly from FastTech now as they are inevitably cheaper.

I have all the Enlan/Bee EL-01 range and until recently I used a keyless drill chuck - £3 from ebay - to adjust and strip those with triangular headed pivot screws. A pair of circlip pliers or a piece of stiff wire in two of the holes for the other type.
I recently bought a Boker Magnum A-Stan which is an re-badged EL-01 with a TiNi coated blade and khaki scales, it came with a triangle pivot screw and a Torx head in the centre as well as a T6/T8 Torx key for pivot and scales.
The Rui Energy series has a couple of EL-01’s in the range as well - just the name changed.

As for that seller on AliExpress, I’d buy from them, just don’t expect D2 steel or Titanium framelock, you’ll get a good $£20 knife though or your money back. They guarantee that you are satisfied or your money is returned.

I bought about 25-30 Enlan with Axislock (EL02, EL02B, EL04, EL04 MCT), have a few Sanrenmu /Land (962, 763) and round about 10 Ganzo at the moment with Axis (704, 710, 711, 712, 71,6,717 - bought much more for friends): It's true, that the spring of the Enlan is strong and the finger studs aren't comfortable for the finger (I haven't cut my self), but the quality is great. The lock is save and this is a big disadvantage of some Ganzo, if you want a save and heavy worker.
Take a look at thhis thread:
If you move the finger stud for 1-2mm, the knife isn't save in some cases. Maybe it's better with the new produced knives.

OK bought the Strider clone i’ll blame you lot if it goes pear shaped like the missus arse did.

yeah 8steve88 exduct prices are not the cheapest but but i have found them to deliver reliably and fairly quickly.

At the moment i have 3 knife orders outstanding from fasttech ranging from 47 to 54 days, In the past week fasttech have refunded 2 other missing orders 1 knife and 8 x 3400mah protected panasonic 18650 battery.

Of the last 6 orders place only one has arrived, so until they resolve the shipping issues no more orders from yours truely.

I have a test order place for 4 x 3400mah protected panasonic 18650 batteries from DX europe site placed yesterday 5-7 days for delivery but we will see.

I work in a warehouse using knives hard every shift normally i edc the Ganzo 710 and it is fine beat the crap out of it at least acouple times a week with a bit of broken pallet for batoning.

I have afew benchmade fixed and folder knives 2 of which are axis lock 551 Griptilian’s both have similar spring tension and axis bar travel as my Ganzo 710/704/717’s.

With abit of very fine file work and polishing and you can mod the axis lock bar to lock further forward and still be reliable, i am talk 1 or 2 thou at most / 0.025mm to 0.050mm for the metric people.

Exduct put me off big style when replying to me in the Comments section of the site, I was asking why his prices are so high on the SanRenMu LB-763 - the post,

Up until recently I bought from Exduct knowing that I was getting value for money but recently the prices have risen out of line with value.
Nearly $30 for a Sanrenmu LB-763, I bought my last one a couple of months ago for $10.
This isn’t the only example of this sort of price rise.
An Enlan EL-01 $29
Sanrenmu SRM 681 $19
Sanrenmu 962 $40
Just too much money to be good value.
Nobody expects any vendor not to make a profit but these examples can be had for less if you look round the auction sites and online stores.

Exduct Reply: The price rise because It does not matter for us to sale it or no sale,we do not care whether customer to buy it or not buy,
if you real need one,you would pay more,this is because the stock is no enough,Price rise because it is discontinued,it will be disappear in the world,this is the marketing story,so you should make a “Quick decision” when you know some models are going to discontinue…

Probably not going to buy from him as much!!

I have had a lot of knives bought from FastTech and if it’s something I want quicker than the standard free airmail then Swiss Post have been good the last couple of months, the problem with buying from halfway round the world is it sometimes goes wrong.

Isn’t the Sanrenmu LB-763 out of production now ? Enlan EL-01 $29 is for the rosewood version but it is abit steep, the bog standard black g10 version is US$17.47 at exduct and $13.61 fasttech. I have not had any problems with fasttech till the last few months and that could all be down to the chaos around battery deliveries.

I must admit the the attitude of exduct has suprised me and there prices have been creeping up steadly, I have used them mostly for knives i could not get elsewhere and the rules of supply and demand then kick you squarely in the pocketbook. Like the pivot tools never seen them anywhere else in stock, seen them listed for half the price but they had no stock and none expected, so i ethier buy at their prices or do without.

On knives like the Enlan EL-01 there are plenty of sellers and stock and prices are lower so i buy elsewhere.

I have bought alot of Sanrenmu 7073LUC-SK lately as gifts excellent quallity and good size and weight

Ithink k you’ll be happy with this Strider clone and 8steve88 sounds like ex duct needs a wake up call to many other sources (fasttech Aliexpress) selling most knives at better prices with better customer service now ex duct is just playing arrogant.

i’ll Let you know i’ll throw it on my Apex pro sharpner clone :bigsmile: I tried to buy the real apex edge pro but they stopped exporting the whole unit to europe and you could just order the stones and tapes. Anyway my $35 clone works fine I even bought afew real stones from apex for it :stuck_out_tongue:

If the build quality is as good as it looks and the heat treat on the blade is good i’ll most likely get several more. Just got to balance my knife/flashlight budget kind of blew it to hell today buying a real Fallkniven A2 second hand but still pricey but it completes my 3rd set of Fallkniven blades F1/S1/A1/A2.

If you only get 1 Fallkniven blade i highly recommend the S1, everyone goes on about the F1 which is an excellent blade but I love the S1’s, I EDC one as a my right boot knife.

The SanRenMu ZB-861 for $18.99 when it is $6.55 at FastTech is a ridiculous price but I can understand about supply and demand.

The SanRenMu 7063 AUC-xx with aluminium scales and Axis lock are more than likely the replacements for the LB-763, they match nicely with the 7063LUC-xx with a frame lock.
I can only agree about the Fallkniven quality, I’d go for the PC or PXL personally, I prefer linerlocks over lockbacks and can’t justify the cost of the fixed blades for the use I’d get out of it, I have a Hultafors Heavy Duty for utility work if I need a fixed blade.

Incidentally I’ve just had a SRM 7010LUI-SH1 delivered from FastTech via Malaysia Post, 18 days from placing order. Not bad.

Especially when they know they can take advantage of the situation and have us over a barrel.