New Build. 14500 Twisty.

I never set out to build anything this weekend as there's plenty off other things to do around the house. It just sorta happened. It was originally meant to be powered by a 18650 but some brain fade and a lack off forethought, l failed miserably. Having already built the head the battery tube was made to suit a 14500 battery.

The battery tube and reflector housing. The wire ring in the reflector housing was used to cut down a bit on length. Needless to say this flashlight wont be taking a bath with me.

The battery housing has provision to attach a lanyard or key ring.

All the components in the light. An XP-G2 and a dodgy KD7135 driver running at 2 amps on high powers the light. The reflector is one that was kicking around and has been shortened 3mm. The lens and reflector are 19mm in diameter.

Due to the large variance in length off the 14500 batteries I have, dual o'rings are used to fill the gap. The stick is an option acting as an anti roll feature.

All the components assembled.

The light with an 18650 and 14500 for size comparison.

Left is the mini AAA C8 and right is a very abused and well used XinTD C8. (Just kidding Suncoaster. Its been in cotton wool since you left. Seriously ).

And lastly someone has a big brother.

Thanks for reading guys.

I like it.


That's a unique looking light. My goodness, it looks like your spare parts pile is increasing. Now you have to go back and thread the top of the head and make a thin bezel, so you can have an "O" ring against the lens. Oh, I know you have already thought about it, LOL, so you might as well go do it.

Very nice build. I love the knurled look of your lights.Smile

Theres not going to be any screw on bezel as there is not enough material. From the edge off the lens retaining ring to the end of the housing is just over 1mm and wall thickness in that spot is 1.3mm. I know your trying to tempt me but it’s just is not going to happen. :slight_smile:

I should of mentioned, one handed on off is a simple operation. Mode changing is a little harder. The driver somewhere along the line has also decided to come alive and is now delivering 3 amps. To much for this poor little led so i will run it on LiFePo batteries. High measures around 1.2 amps with these. The shortened reflector also works surprisingly well with a nice hotspot and lots off spill.

You are shaming the other lathe owners on this forum...or at least me !

Nice work, yet again. Another wonder from down under...

Cool. I like the pigs nose and the knurling.

Ok, you win. Ive missed the start off the F1 race now. As the end of the reflector is flat l’ve machined a groove in it to take an o’ring so its now bath proof. I hope your happy. :love:

Thanks ChicagoX but I’ve along way to go to get near your ability. I love your work. Enough said. :slight_smile:

A pigs nose? You learn something new everyday. I just have to work out now how to make a pigs nose tailstand.

That is outstanding work MRsDNF !

Kind of puts into perspective just how small it is next to that Defiant :)

It’s easy. All you need is a sows ear and some sugru. Or, add threads to the outside with a knurled sleeve. (I just want to drool over more threads and knurling)

If you like threads there is none better than ChicagoX.
The threads on this light could be done by anybody, with a tap and die. I cheated ok. :expressionless:

Nice looking build.

Nice work MRsDNF!!! I did that... Brain OFF while working.... this last week. I did just the opposite of you. I now have an extra tube ready for the next light! Ha! Glad to know I'm not alone.

Nice lights!! Dan.

Sensational build and pig’s nose !
It’s keeping good company.

Do you have access to a sandblaster ?
I reckon that would be nice with a matt finish.

The knurling looks fabulous! Good threads are a blessing, however obtained. If it works smoothly one handed then you’ve obtained success. Really like the size and style.

Hmmmm, I’ve seen that “pigs nose” somewhere before……

It looks really nice. It's a great idea to built in a key chains loop. It looks really cute against his giant brother. Has the big flashlight a name like Monster, Tower, Brave (I give special flashlights nicknames).

I second that. I love knurling.

I’m wondering how much longer you can resist a DIY anodizing setup :bigsmile:

You have quickly become one of my heroes! Awesome job! I've watched your knurling skills improve over time and now you do some of the best I've seen. Kudos!

I’d really like to see the knurling being done, it’s always puzzled me how that’s accomplished. Beautiful when done like MRsDNF doing it, not so much when done wrong!

Truly professional work there MRsDNF for sure! You do know, don’t you, that anodizing is the next step? When you pull off a deep purple anodize on that little light you’ll be crowing like a Sunrise rooster with 50 hens! :slight_smile:

Nice .